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James Brumley

James Brumley


James Brumley is former stockbroker with a large Wall Street firm, and a former trading analyst for a small, options-based newsletter. After twenty years of professional experience in and around the market, his approach is one that combines fundamentals, sentiment, and common sense. It's also an approach that respects this John Keynes reality: The market isn't always rational.

Recent articles

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Why American Eagle Outfitters Is Down Nearly 8% Today

Investors now have good reason to fear Thursday's earnings report could end up being a bit ugly.

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Why Unity Software Is Down More Than 12% on Tuesday

This company is in the wrong place at the wrong time, and investors don't care.

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Why DexCom Is Down More Than 11% on Tuesday

Whispers of an acquisition aren't being well received by already nervous shareholders, who may be questioning the timing as well as the potential of such a deal.

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Better Buy: Cisco or All 30 Dow Jones Stocks?

Shares of the networking giant are down big time, but little has actually changed about the company's long-term prospects.


If You've Been Burned by Tech Stocks, Try These 3 ETFs Instead

Many investors have found that a simpler, safer approach actually yields better returns.

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Walt Disney Has a Problem: Disney+ Is Costing It a Fortune

It's not too soon for shareholders to start asking tough questions about when to expect operating profits.

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This One Investment Is in My Portfolio for the Long Haul

There aren't many companies that the world is so reliant upon without even realizing it. This is one of them.

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Opinion: These Will Be the 3 Largest Stocks by 2030

Secular changes in technology and culture favor some names at the expense of others.

cord cutting

Nearly 2 Million U.S. Consumers Canceled Cable Last Quarter. They Went Here Instead

It's not a surprise that people are ditching cable for streaming. But how much farther could the trend go?

long term

3 Cathie Wood Stocks to Buy and Hold for 10 Years

Buy and hold isn't exactly her strategy, but some of her favorite stocks are well suited for such an approach.

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3 Beaten Down S&P 500 Stocks Ready to Bounce Back

Smart investors know pullbacks aren't a reason to panic, but a reason to buy.

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Should You Buy the S&P 500's 4 Worst-Performing 2022 Stocks?

The sellers seem to have overshot their targets with certain stocks, pricing in a scenario that's unlikely to happen.

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This Dividend Stock Is a Safe Bet Regardless of Market Conditions

All things considered, its resilience actually makes good sense.

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3 Humbled Nasdaq Stocks Ready to Bounce Back

Look past the currently tough market environment and look for smart, proven business models.


The Surprising Difference in How Uber and Lyft Spend Money

Lyft's smaller size creates budgetary constraints that may be stifling its profitability and growth.

rising chart chalkboard

Why Sonos Is Soaring Today

The company's faring better than it seems like it should be, given the environment.


Here's How Good AMC's First Quarter Was ... or Wasn't

Topping revenue estimates doesn't mean as much when expectations are relatively low.

falling chart on chalk board

Why AbCellera Biologics Is 10% Lower Today

The company has a plan for life after COVID-19, though it pales in comparison.

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Are These 3 Companies Next for Short Squeezes?

It looks like sellers overshot their targets, so a correction of their mistakes might be in the cards.

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Why Bausch Health Is Down More Than 24% Today

The company shocked investors with its loss, although today may also be a major capitulation for the stock.

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