It's possible to generate enormous wealth from the stock market. Well-chosen growth stocks can increase many times in value, as they expand their revenue and profits exponentially over time.

And some -- such as Livongo Health (LVGO) -- can deliver incredible returns in relatively short periods of time.

Rolled dollar bills rising in stair-step manner.

Livongo Health has made its investors richer. Image source: Getty Images.

If you purchased Livongo Health (LVGO) on the first trading day of January, you'd be up a staggering 460% today. That would've turned a $10,000 investment into $56,000. 

Of course, these types of returns are not common. If they were, we'd all be rich by now. But they are possible. And the way to achieve them is to search out businesses with uncommon growth potential.

Livongo Health certainly fits the bill. It offers digital health monitoring solutions to people suffering from chronic conditions. For example, by using what it calls applied health signals, Livongo helps diabetes patients better monitor their glucose readings and, in turn, make vital changes for their health. To do this, Livongo aggregates massive amounts of data. It then uses artificial intelligence to interpret the information and deliver personalized recommendations to its members. 

It's an enormous market -- one that Livongo has only barely begun to scratch the surface of. Roughly 410,000 people were enrolled in its Livongo for Diabetes program at the end of June, which represented year-over-year growth of 113%. Yet despite its torrid expansion, Livongo's current membership base currently accounts for only about 1% of the more than 34 million people who have diabetes in the U.S. alone. Moreover, diabetes is just one of the many chronic conditions for which Livongo could someday provide a monitoring solution.

It's this type of incredible growth potential that can produce the sort of gains Livongo has delivered to its investors.