More than one year into the coronavirus pandemic, hope is on the horizon. With three different coronavirus vaccines authorized for emergency use in the U.S. and the rate of vaccine distribution ramping up worldwide, the prospect of a return to normalcy appears closer than ever.

As investors try to envision what the market may have in store in a post-pandemic world, however, concerns regarding another potential market crash linger. If you want to poise your portfolio for superior growth in the coming years while keeping your investment risk to a minimum, here are two compelling stocks to consider buying.

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1. Snap

Camera and social media entity Snap (SNAP 0.92%) is a product of the digital age, known primarily for its multimedia application, Snapchat. The app isn't just a hotspot for the millennial and Gen Z populations -- it's also a powerhouse advertising platform, and ad spending comprises the vast majority of what keeps the company's coffers flowing.

While many stocks plunged into the abyss last spring, Snap wasn't one of them. Shares of the company remained steady, and over the past year have shot up by more than 325%.

Snap's balance sheet has always been a mixed bag. While the company has consistently reported double-digit revenue increases over the past few years, its bottom line has remained in negative territory. However, it's no secret that fast-growing companies often struggle to achieve profitability, and Snap seems to be making notable progress where that's concerned.

In 2020, Snap reported 46% revenue growth from 2019, and its full-year adjusted EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization) turned positive for the first time. Snap hit some major milestones in the fourth quarter, reporting 62% revenue growth and a $7 million boost to its free cash flow compared to the same window in 2019. Snap's daily active users also shot up 22% from the year-ago quarter, with management reporting that the average user accessed the Snapchat app 30 times per day during this stretch.

Snap continued to grow its stable of advertising partners throughout 2020, venturing into the world of augmented reality ads alongside major names like Ralph Lauren and The New York Times. The company also made significant strides in growing Discover, its entertainment platform, last year. In the final quarter of the year, Snap reported that more than 90% of its Gen Z users in the U.S. accessed the content available on Discover, while nearly 100 new international channels went live on the platform in that three-month period alone.

Management is targeting up to 60% revenue growth for the first quarter of 2021, and analysts think that the company can grow its average earnings by the upper-double-digits annually over the next five years. Snap isn't a perfect buy, but few stocks are. However, Snap's ability to maintain and fuel superior revenue growth, continue improving its bottom line, and expand its foothold in the world of social media and digital advertising make it a viable power play for the savvy investor.

2. Jushi Holdings

Multistate cannabis operator Jushi Holdings (JUSHF) is a lesser-known name in the world of pot stocks, but it's one that should be on long-term investors' radars. The company owns several cannabis brands with offerings that range from edibles to medical marijuana gels to vape products. Jushi Holdings currently has 30 retail locations open across the country, along with several cultivation and manufacturing facilities.

The company doesn't report its full-year 2020 financial results until the end of next month. However, if its performance during the first three quarters of last year are any indication, investors can expect great things from the company's full-year report.

During the first three quarters of 2020, Jushi Holdings reported sequential revenue increases of 43%, 73%, and 67%. Its gross profits in these quarters also grew by upper double-digits on a sequential basis, at 55%, 80%, and 64%. Accordingly, shares of Jushi Holdings have risen approximately 500% over the past 12 months. Even with this price increase, the stock still trades for just under $6.

Seasoned and newbie pot stock investors can find plenty to like about Jushi Holdings. Its strong penchant for growth and rapidly expanding operations signal serious upside potential. As Jushi Holdings grows its national footprint and marijuana legalization reaches more states in the coming years, investors who are in it for the long haul could realize notable portfolio growth by adding this egg to their basket of stocks.