With each passing day, it seems as if the stock market continues hitting record highs. Investors are optimistic about the economic recovery following a turbulent 2020, bidding up shares with the expectation of a return to normal. 

If you're ready to put some money to work, don't worry. There are still attractive opportunities out there. Here are three stocks you should consider investing a total of $1,000 in right now. 

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Home Depot 

As the leader of the home improvement industry with sales of $37.5 billion in its most recent quarter, Home Depot (HD 0.43%) is a pandemic winner that's riding the housing boom. The business relied on its do-it-yourself customers to drive growth during lockdowns, but with growing backlogs from professional contractors, Home Depot is well positioned to continue thriving. 

Historically low interest rates, coupled with a low supply of homes on the market, have led to soaring housing prices, all of which support demand for Home Depot's products. This is because consumers are more inclined to buy or sell homes when they see values rise. Consumers are also more inclined to spend on home renovation projects when they see their net worth rise. And with many Americans reassessing their living situations as a result of the rising work-from-home trend, renovation projects will continue to be undertaken. 

The company's investments in its supply chain and omnichannel experience have allowed shoppers to purchase products in whatever way is most convenient for them. Although Home Depot's digital sales doubled in the first quarter of 2021 compared to the same period in 2019, 55% of these orders were fulfilled at a store. The urgency with which customers need crucial tools and supplies is why the business has been able to defend its turf against major e-commerce players.  

The stock trades at a very attractive P/E ratio of 24, somewhat of a bargain in today's market. Home Depot has been and will continue to be a winner, and it looks like a screaming buy today. 


The pioneer of streaming entertainmentNetflix (NFLX 1.73%), certainly has some competition to deal with in the U.S. But don't let that discourage you from purchasing shares in the $230 billion business. It has a lot of things going its way. 

For starters, management mentioned that the business no longer needs to access capital markets to fund its operations, and it expects to be sustainably cash flow positive very soon. The heavy investments in original content over the years are starting to pay off, as Netflix's 209 million subscribers put it ahead of its peers. 

According to Nielsen, Netflix still attracts the most TV time of all streaming services in the U.S. And the company's massive content budget of $17 billion this year will keep it in first place for a long time. While membership growth has slowed domestically, expect international markets to drive expansion. Additionally, Netflix's valuable intellectual property supports its entrance into the video game market, with a goal to increase customer engagement. 

Netflix has been a stock market winner for many years, but the business still has a long way to go. 


Starbucks (SBUX 3.41%), with its 33,295 locations worldwide, still has huge ambitions to continue being the leading coffeehouse chain. During an investor day presentation last December, then-CFO Patrick Grismer said that by 2030, he thinks the company will have 55,000 stores in 100 markets. Talk about major growth ahead. 

Much of the gains will come in China, where Starbucks plans to open 600 (out of a total of 1,100) net new locations this fiscal year. Stateside, the business will continue leaning on its best-in-class digital infrastructure to keep customers coming back for more. As of June 27, the company counted 24.2 million active rewards members in the U.S., a 48% jump from a year ago. This group spends and visits more often, a boon for the company. 

Starbucks' business was hurt during the pandemic, as work-from-home arrangements led to a decline in morning commutes (when a lot of coffee is purchased). But with a slow return to normal, the future is bright. Record sales of $7.5 billion in the most recent quarter confirm that the chain is back better than ever. 

"Our ability to move with speed and agility and to be out in front of shifting customer behaviors has helped further differentiate Starbucks, positioning us well for this moment," CEO Kevin Johnson said in the earnings release. Management also raised full-year guidance. 

Buying a piece of Starbucks today could prove to be a lucrative decision.