Today, I cover three of my high-conviction stocks, those I believe will do well over the next several years with reasonable to low risk. High-conviction stock picks aren't always the highest growth, but rather stocks I personally have high confidence in. I have been investing for 20 years, and I have grown my capital to millions of dollars over time through long-term investing and compounding. Part of my job is to preserve capital. These stocks have a balance of healthy growth and risk and should help ensure capital preservation for my long-term investing portfolio. 

I have created a ranking system to help explain the strengths and weaknesses for each company. I have scored my top 25 high-conviction stocks according to the following metrics:

  • Safety 
  • Growth
  • Moat 
  • Management

In today's video, I break down three of my top 25 high-conviction stocks: Nvidia (NVDA -3.87%), Snowflake (SNOW -1.00%), and Amazon (AMZN -1.11%). All three stocks are still, in my opinion, attractive at these levels and could be buys in August on any weakness. 

*Stock prices used in the below video were during the trading day of August 3, 2021. The video was published on August 3, 2021.