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Eric Cuka

Eric Cuka


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How Square Is Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to Improve Cash App

Square acquired this Toronto-based AI technology firm that helps combat deepfake AI cybercrime. Can it also help Square build its next-gen Cash App products?

AI chatbot 2

Could This Under-the-Radar AI Stock Help Boost Your Growth Portfolio?

Advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning have accelerated the power of bots. Is this AI chatbot stock a long-term winner?

KNBE 2 red

KnowBe4: The Cybersecurity SaaS Company You've Never Heard Of

Cybersecurity is a megatrend that has investors very excited. Could cybersecurity awareness training be the next big winner in this space?

Top AI Episode 2

Top 12 High-Growth Artificial Intelligence Stocks -- Part II

Here are my top AI growth stock ideas that ride the cybersecurity and digital transformation megatrends.


Top 12 High-Growth Artificial Intelligence Stocks

AI is a large, complex universe covering many industries and technology megatrends. Here are 12 high-growth stocks that harness the power of artificial intelligence.

stocks to buy sept 2021 2

Top 3 High-Growth Stocks to Buy in September 2021

With markets at all-time highs, which growth stocks are in the bargain bin?

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Salesforce Crushes Earnings -- Is the Stock Still a Buy?

Salesforce has been the No. 1 CRM software provider worldwide for eight straight years, but is CRM stock a buy now?


Crowdstrike Is Entering the Nasdaq-100 Index

Crowdstrike stock is rallying Tuesday after the announcement.


Nvidia vs. AMD -- the New Oil? Which Stock Should You Buy?

Semiconductors are fueling secular growth trends and disruptive technology. Could a pick-and-shovel stock like NVDA or AMD help your portfolio capture these gains?

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Unity Software Is More Than Gaming. Is Unity Stock a Buy Now?

Unity is expanding aggressively into areas outside of gaming. Is it a long-term winner for your portfolio?

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Palantir Crushes Earnings -- Is $PLTR Still a Buy Now?

Palantir has a cult following similar to Tesla's, but will this trend continue? Is this a long-term winner that should be in your portfolio?


Snowflake Partners With The Trade Desk -- Could Snowflake Create a Big Data Digital Advertising Moat?

Digital advertising, streaming, and connected TV (CTV) are massive secular growth trends. Could Snowflake, and your portfolio, benefit?


DraftKings Is Acquiring Golden Nugget for $1.56 Billion -- Is DraftKings Stock a Buy?

Legalized gambling is an enormous secular growth trend. Is DraftKings the best way to play it?


Is Cathie Wood's ARKK ETF a Buy Now?

ARK Invest's ARKK ETF has been under scrutiny in recent months due to its underperformance, but is it headed higher from here?

Top 3 High Conviction Stocks Aug 2021

3 High-Conviction Stocks to Buy in August

These three stocks could be long-term winners in your portfolio.

Cyber Security Stocks

The Top 3 Cybersecurity Stocks to Buy in August

The Biden administration is pushing for cybersecurity infrastructure upgrades after recent attacks. Can these stocks ride the secular growth tailwinds and boost your portfolio?


Is This Mid-Cap Biotech Stock a Buy Now?

This mid-cap growth stock could be a long-term winner.

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Should You Buy Roblox Stock Now, Down Over 25% From Highs?

Can investing in the Roblox Metaverse boost your long-term growth portfolio?

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Is Etsy Stock a Buy Now?

Is Etsy simply a benefactor of the coronavirus pandemic, or is this a long-term e-commerce winner you should add to your portfolio?


Is Nvidia Stock a Buy Now After the 4-for-1 Stock Split?

Nvidia is a powerhouse semiconductor company involved in secular growth trends like gaming, cloud data centers, autonomous vehicles, 5G, and more. Is it a buy now?