Stocks rose last week as both the Dow Jones Industrial Average (^DJI 0.06%) and the S&P 500 (^GSPC -0.22%) each gained gained about 1%. That boost put markets back near record highs. The Dow is up 15% so far in 2021, while the S&P 500 has jumped 18%.

Earnings season continues with a flood of fresh reports over the next few trading days. Let's take a closer look at a few highly anticipated announcements from this list, with eBay (EBAY 1.01%), Walt Disney (DIS -0.45%), and Tattooed Chef (TTCF).

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eBay's sales volume

eBay steps up to the earnings plate on Thursday in what could be a well-received report on Wall Street. The online marketplace enjoyed booming demand through the pandemic as sellers and buyers flocked to its platform to conduct business. Revenue jumped 28% in 2020 and soared 38% in the first quarter of 2021.

Investors are looking for slower gains in the second quarter as eBay goes up against some of the biggest growth spikes from the early phases of the pandemic. But sales should rise by about 10% through June.

eBay's stock might continue its rally if management can show continued market share gains in niches like collectible sneakers, luxury watches, and apparel. Paired with its rising fee structure, that growth should power the type of earnings growth that rival e-commerce giants like Walmart can't match. Yet that bright long-term outlook might be tempered this week by comments about new pressures from the latest COVID-19 outbreaks across key markets like Europe and the United States.

Disney's streaming plans

Investors have a lot to look forward to in Disney's Thursday earnings announcement. The entertainment giant should show improving results in its theme parks and cruise lines now that they're back to welcoming guests. Its media division will benefit from the return of live sports broadcasts, too, as pandemic restrictions eased in recent months.

But the big questions revolve around Disney's direct-to-consumer streaming platform. Rival Netflix just reported sluggish growth in its service as people turned toward other entertainment options.

Disney is also gambling that enough users will pay up for its premium option to justify releasing first-run movies like the upcoming Black Widow launch. We'll learn this week whether Disney's subscription service is meeting investors' high expectations on these growth and profitability metrics.

Tattooed Chef's outlook

Tattooed Chef has been a volatile stock in the past year, and that volatility might increase in just a few days. The plant-based food specialist will announce fiscal Q2 results on Thursday after the market closes.

Investors are excited about the business as the brand enters new stores and expands into bigger food categories. Tattooed Chef recently struck a deal with Kroger, one of the nation's biggest supermarket chains, to stock a dozen of its most popular products, including pizzas and lunch bowls.

CEO Sam Galletti and his team will discuss that launch in Thursday's report, along with updates on getting the brand into more big-box chains and retailing spots.

But the stock's movement will depend on how management updates its 2021 outlook, which currently calls for sales to land between $235 million and $242 million on the way toward at least $300 million in 2022. A declining share price in 2021 suggests Wall Street is skeptical about that growth potential heading into this week's announcement.