There's an old saying that investors should aim to buy low and sell high. Your emotions make it feel like the opposite, tempting you to chase hot stocks and sell when the markets are scared. There's a lot of fear among growth stocks, and many are now down 50% or more from their highs of the past year.

Fortunately, you're reading this at the perfect time. Where others see chaos, you'll see opportunity. A handful of high-quality growth stocks are now at great valuations. Here are five that you can own for less than $1,000 total.

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1. Palantir Technologies

Data is playing a critical role in how organizations operate, and Palantir Technologies (PLTR -3.80%) aids this with its Foundry and Gotham platforms. It uses artificial intelligence to help analyze data and find insights, trends, and discoveries to help its users make actionable decisions.

The company saw $1.5 billion in revenue in 2021; 60% of that came from government business, the vast majority being the U.S. government. Palantir's growing business with commercial customers; it tripled its commercial customer count in 2021. Management is forecasting revenue to grow an average of at least 30% over the next four years.

2. Coinbase Global

Crypto exchanges like Coinbase Global (COIN 8.21%) are thriving, reflecting the increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies among investors. More than 7.4 million people buy and sell crypto on Coinbase each month, making it one of the leading exchanges in the world for digital assets.

Just how popular has crypto become? Coinbase's 7.4 million users are more than triple the number from just one year ago. Coinbase is also launching significant new products like a debit card that lets you spend your crypto and a marketplace to trade non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The NFT marketplace already has more than 2 million people on its waitlist, so Coinbase's business could continue growing rapidly as digital assets gain momentum.

3. Blend Labs

Traditional banking is a centuries-old industry built long before the rise of the internet or technology in general. If you've applied for a mortgage, you're probably familiar with all of the manual work involved, from scanning pay stubs to signing mountains of paperwork. Blend Labs (BLND 0.36%) operates a cloud-based platform where banks can bring this process online using Blend's white-label software tools.

Blend currently focuses on the mortgage business and works with banks that control a collective estimated 13.5% of the U.S. mortgage market. The company's long-term opportunity to grow could come from product innovation, selling software to digitize other types of banking products.

The company is very young; it just went public last summer. So it's a bit riskier, but its small $2 billion market cap leaves room for upside.

4. Marqeta

Innovation in payment technology has made new businesses possible, like ride-hailing, food delivery, and crypto-linked payment cards. But making the technology to securely and effectively handle payments in these complex applications isn't easy. Marqeta (MQ -3.28%) lets customers build these payment applications with its software through an application programming interface (API). Marqeta generates revenue by taking a small percentage of the payment volume through apps its powers.

Marqeta works with many growing companies, including DoorDash, Uber, Instacart, Coinbase, and Affirm. By a wide margin, the company's biggest customer is Block, since it powers Cash App.

Still, Marqeta's business should diversify as other emerging customers grow. Companies like Affirm and Coinbase are launching payment cards that haven't impacted Marqeta's business yet, and Marqeta still grew revenue 56% year over year in its most recent quarter, 2021 Q3.

5. DLocal Limited

Emerging markets, where consumer economies are far less developed, are a priority for many companies. However, it's hard to do business in these markets because there are financial barriers like different currencies and unique banking systems used in each market. DLocal Limited (DLO -0.12%) offers an API that companies can use to take and make payments with users in emerging markets.

More than 330 companies use DLocal, including Nike, Uber, and Amazon, to process payments in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. DLocal's business is rapidly growing; its revenue grew 123% year over year in its most recent quarter, 2021 Q3. Its 185% net revenue retention rate signals that its customers dramatically increase their spending on DLocal's platform.

The global payments industry is massive, so if management can continue executing at such a level, the stock's pullback from $73 per share could be an excellent opportunity for long-term investors.