Some of the hardest-hit stocks are starting to bounce back. Shares of fuboTV (FUBO 2.46%), Celsius Holdings (CELH 3.76%), and Velo3D (VLD 7.03%) have come through with big gains since bottoming out one to three months ago. We've seen fuboTV pop 89% since last month's all-time low. Celsius and Velo3D have more than doubled.

All three stocks have momentum on their side right now, but it doesn't mean we're done just yet. Celsius may be close to revisiting last year's peak, but fuboTV and Velo3D would have to more than double to clear their high-water marks. All three have plenty of room to run from here. Let's take a closer look.

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1. fuboTV

With the NFL kicking off its preseason last week and the NBA around the corner, we're going to be spending a lot of time in the next few months watching live sporting events. This is also when business starts to pick up for fuboTV, a live TV streaming service with an emphasis on sports. More than three dozen of its roughly 200 channels are dedicated to sports coverage.

There are now 1.3 million fuboTV subscribers, and they're a lucrative lot. Folks are shelling out an average of $64.51 for the service, and fuboTV is generating another $7.25 a month from them through ad revenue. The product is clicking. Revenue rose 70% to $221.9 million in fuboTV's latest quarter.   

There are larger live TV platforms, but none of them is growing as quickly as fuboTV. Profitability will be a tough nut to crack, but when you're generating more than $7 per subscriber in ad revenue, there's money to subsidize the operations. A recent shift to explore outside help to facilitate its wagering initiatives also seems like a pretty good bet. 

2. Celsius Holdings

When will the carbonated growth at Celsius Holdings start to go flat? The company behind a line of functional energy beverages -- claiming to burn calories by improving metabolism rates -- are flying off the shelves. Revenue soared 140% last year, and has risen another 150% through the first half of this year. 

Celsius is pulling off this stellar growth solely based on its surging domestic popularity. North American sales shot up 171% in its latest quarter. What can happen if it gets its fading international sales moving in the right direction again? A new distribution deal with the world's second-largest soft drink company should open new doors overseas for Celsius. The pop star is literally invested in Celsius' future now by putting $550 million into Celsius convertible preferred stock. The past couple of years have seen some pretty spectacular growth at the company. The future might be even better.  

3. Velo3D

It's been a spell since 3D printing captured the hearts of investors, but Velo3D is carving out a small but potent niche in the heavy machinery market. Velo3D's Sapphire platform serves the aerospace, aviation, industrial power, and oil and gas industries with the ability to manufacture mission-critical metal parts faster and cheaper than sourcing them from a third party. Why scour the country for a part that's holding up production when you can lean on Velo3D to crank one out?

Velo3D generated just $27.4 million in revenue last year, but the guidance it reaffirmed last week shows its top line more than tripling to hit $89 million this year. Analysts see revenue approaching $150 million come 2023. Demand is picking up, and between the revenue it has already recorded through the first half of this year and an order backlog of $55 million, Velo3D is already at more than 95% of its full-year revenue guidance.