Remember when New Age drinks mattered? You'd have to go back nearly a dozen years to a time when the world was so smitten by Snapple that Coca-Cola (NYSE:KO) and Pepsi (NYSE:PEP) rushed out their own lines of edgy juice drinks to avoid being washed away.

Well, times change, but carbonated caffeine still rocks the world. Over the weekend, Coca-Cola announced plans to phase out its Fruitopia line of bottled drinks. With volume shipments more than halved over the past few years, it's difficult to argue with its decision.

An online poll conducted by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution about says it all. As of last night, 78% of those who responded to the query had never even tried Fruitopia. That stings, especially since Coca-Cola is based in Atlanta.

As for Snapple, after going public twice and being swallowed by Quaker Oats and then Triarc (NYSE:TRY), it's now under the Cadbury Schweppes (NYSE:CSG) umbrella. The jury is still out on Pepsi's FruitWorks line.

While Coca-Cola plans to shift some of the more popular Fruitopia flavors to its Minute Maid brand, New Age beverages are ticking toward their fifteenth minute. New fads like flavored and vitamin-enriched water are growing but not at the expense of Coke and Pepsi's carbonated fizz.

Ironic, isn't it? That something marketed -- yet thinly veiled -- as a wholesome fruit-based alternative to pop proved to be a passing craze?

Do you think Coca-Cola is right to can Fruitopia, or should the company be looking for more ways to diversify from its carbonated core? Got any ideas on what the next hot beverage trend will be once the fortified water trend passes on? All this and more -- in the Coca-Cola discussion board . Only on