Mmm, mmm, Monday. Mmm, mmm, earnings. CampbellSoup (NYSE:CPB) kicks off the new week with its fiscal fourth-quarter results. Analysts expect profits to dip to $0.21 a share from a $0.23-per-share showing a year ago. It's not all soupy sales at Campbell. The company's product lines stretch beyond the namesake canned soups to include everything from Pepperidge Farm bakes goods to Godiva chocolates to Pace picante sauces.

Have you caught the Improv Everywhere stunt on YouTube, the one where the improvisational troupe sent 80 people into Best Buy (NYSE:BBY) wearing blue shirts and khaki pants? Funny stuff. Not as funny is that the consumer-electronics giant will be posting its second-quarter financials on Tuesday.

Is the Motley Fool Stock Advisor recommendation suffering from the slowdown in PC sales or video game consoles? Is the popularity of flat-screen LCD and plasma televisions more than offsetting any potential weakness elsewhere? Dig into Best Buy's report to catch all of the insight and use it to make larger assumptions on how the holidays will pan out for several of the sectors the Best Buy gauges.

If your portfolio is running low on stocks that begin with the letter X, tune in on Wednesday to see whether Xilinx (NASDAQ:XLNX) will fit your bill. If the company hits Wall Street's target of $0.24 a share, it will feel eerily familiar. It's exactly what the company earned in the same quarter last year and the year before that. It's an odd streak for a company that has been growing at healthier clips beyond this cursed quarter.

If you enjoy consuming your quarterly reports in PDF files, you're going to love Adobe Systems (NASDAQ:ADBE). The PDF pioneer in report and publishing software has beaten analyst estimates for 18 consecutive periods.

(NYSE:MAG) wraps up the trading week with its financial results. Analysts expect the company to post its fourth consecutive deficit. It's a sad string for the power enabler that wasn't doing so hot even before the red ink began flowing.

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