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Did you know that the Jewish deli is dying?

Me neither. But these two stats from a New American Media article blew my mind:

Kosher Jewish delis in NYC circa 1930s: ~1,500

Kosher (and non-kosher) Jewish delis in NYC now: A couple dozen

Who knew?

Now, for my belly's sake, I'm declaring the Jewish deli still alive. Viva la Reuben grill!

Some other things are on the way out, though. New York magazine has a slideshow of "everyday stuff rendered obsolete in the aughts." Basically, the aughts made the 1980s obsolete. I'll save you the trouble of flipping through (and give you the pleasure of my commentary):

Answering machine [Hello, voice mail from Verizon (NYSE:VZ), AT&T (NYSE:T), et al. ...]

Lickable stamp [Why do we still lick envelopes?]

Foldable roadmap [Garmin (NASDAQ:GRMN), Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) maps, iPhones, etc.]

Cathode ray tube TV [Flat screens, baby.]

Incandescent light bulb [They'll live on in thought bubbles.]

Paid pornography [ahem]

Smoking in bars [Altria (NYSE:MO) weeps.]

Fax machine [This may be a little early?]

Hydrox cookie [underappreciated Oreo-esque cookie? Lance Choc-o-Lunch cookies.]

Cassette tape [Weren't they dead in the '90s?]

French Franc [French Pierre remains alive, though.]

Floppy disk [Only for bad double entrendres now.]

Phone book [Yet they continue to send three different ones to me each year ...]

Polaroid photo [and don't forget its buddies 35mm film and the disposable camera.]

Bank deposit slip [Especially in this last year or two.]

Subway token [Most overrated subway system ... DC's.]

The Rolodex [If you ain't in my five, you ain't worth tracking ...]

I have no idea where this comment stream will lead, but please share your thoughts on Jewish delis, paid pornography, and lickable stamps below. Bonus points if you can identify something that was created in the aughts and is already obsolete. 

Anand Chokkavelu owns shares of Altria. His favorite Jewish deli is Eleven City Diner in Chicago. You can follow him on Twitter. The Fool has a disclosure policy.