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Anand Chokkavelu

Anand Chokkavelu


Anand is the Editor-in-Chief of He loves pithiness, clever turns of phrase, and helping people simplify their money decisions.

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A Look at Healthcare Apparel and Lifestyle Company FIGS

In true wildcard fashion, today we tackle an industry we've never discussed on the podcast: healthcare apparel.


What Investors Need to Know About Squarespace

We work our way through all-in-one digital and commerce platform Squarespace.


What's the Best Way to Invest in Cryptocurrencies?

Is Bitcoin the best digital currency for newcomers? And what's the best way to get exposure?

100 Lessons Investing

The 100 Things I've Learned in Investing

Please learn from my mistakes!


87 Reasons We Love Warren Buffett

Happy birthday, Mr. Buffett!

Warren Buffett

86 Reasons We Love Warren Buffett

Happy birthday, Mr. Buffett!

5 Sanity Check Numbers House

Sanity Check: 5 Numbers to Consider Before You Buy a House

A checklist to ensure your housing decision isn't a money pit.

C vs BAC vs JPM vs WFC Assets

Citigroup: A Shining Example of Good Management?

Believe it or not, the answer may be "yes."

Lessons RMP Anand 3

5 Mistakes I've Made in the Past 5 Years

Read this so you won't make them yourself.

3 Banks I'm Buying: BAC, FITB, COF

Why Bank of America, Fifth Third Bancorp, and Capital One are looking good today.

2 Midwestern Banks I'm Buying Now

The latest two buys in my real-money portfolio.

1 December Blue Chip Buy and 1 December Sell

The latest moves in my real-money portfolio.

3 September Buys: Whole Foods, The Container Store, and Fifth Third Bancorp

I'm buying these three stocks in my real-money portfolio.

84 Reasons We Love Warren Buffett

Happy birthday, Mr. Buffett!


70 Surprisingly Good Celebrity Money Thoughts

Famous people can say some pretty dumb things, but if you dig deep enough you can unearth some real wisdom.

Beyond the Hype: Exactly How Warren Buffett Beats the Market

These five actions are the keys to Buffett's success.

Why I'm Doubling Down on MidWest One

Today, we're seeing a solid bank for a reasonable price.

Apple Eats Beats logo v2

Apple: How the Beats Acquisition Fits In to the Big Picture

The speculation continues about exactly what Apple is going to do with its prize, but at this point, we can step back and think bigger picture.

The Container Store Logo

The Container Store: How a Buy Becomes a Rebuy

The story's only getting better at The Container Store.

Like It or Not, This Is Your Best Shot at Retirement

On the plus side, it's not that difficult.

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