Men's Wearhouse (NYSE: MW) has a pretty straightforward clientele -- mostly men, as you might surmise. But perhaps those shoppers are tapped out.

Recent reports suggest the company plans to target women with a new retail concept. However, the company denied it was planning a womenswear store, labeling such speculation with the somewhat-cryptic "inaccurate."

Just in case you were wondering whether Men's Wearhouse is getting out of its core competency, rumor says that the company will supposedly call its new concept Women's Wearhouse. We'll see how that wears with the ladies. (As comfortably as a corset, I imagine.)

The alleged venture could be a way to improve growth for the retailer, but I suspect such a foray into the battle for women's bucks would be a difficult slog for Men's Wearhouse. After all, there's already steep competition for women's clothing dollars. Look no further than retailers such as Talbots (NYSE: TLB), Chico's, Ann Taylor (NYSE: ANN), and Coldwater Creek.

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