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Alyce Lomax

Alyce Lomax


Alyce Lomax is a columnist for specializing in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues and an analyst for Motley Fool One. From October 2010 through June 2015, she managed the real-money Prosocial Portfolio, which integrated socially responsible investing factors into stock analysis.

Recent articles

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When Human Rights Violations Are a Sell Signal

In case you need to hear it: it's OK to sell stocks on moral and ethical grounds.


A New Way to Define “Good Business” in the Coronavirus Era

Do you need some good news for a change? Let’s examine some companies that are doing their part to help during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Join Us in Providing COVID-19 Relief

The Motley Fool is pledging $1 million to New York relief. Here's how you can help too.


ESG Investing: Is Accenture a Responsible Investment?

If you’re searching for a feel-good stock, see how IT company Accenture scores on The Motley Fool’s ESG framework.


Going for Great Returns and the Greater Good: The Motley Fool's ESG Investing Framework

Is your investment strategy to buy ethical companies that will also deliver strong returns? Our ESG Compounder Checklist aims to provide both.


Environmental, Social, and Governance Investing

There are many ways to align your investments with your values. So what's the difference between socially responsible investing, conscious capitalism, and ESG?

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Who's Up for the Changes Needed to Address Climate Change?

The need to tackle climate change is more urgent than ever; real leaders are up for the challenge.


Give the Gift of Education This Holiday Season

This year’s Foolanthropy drive aims to get kids in a disaster-stricken community back to school.


Getting 2018 Off on the Right Foot With a Helping Hand

2017 may be behind us, but helping communities rebuild and recover from last year’s natural disasters has only just begun.


Here’s How You Can Help Rebuild After Tragedy

In light of the devastating hurricane season this fall, The Motley Fool is proud to announce its 2017 Foolanthropy partner, All Hands and Hearts -- Smart Response.


How Reigniting the Passion for American Farming Can Yield Great Opportunity

Help us foster homegrown opportunities in at-risk communities through Growing Power.

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Let's Give the Gift of Good Food Through Growing Power

Help us plant some seeds for wholesome food production and healthy communities by supporting The Motley Fool’s 2016 Foolanthropy partner, Growing Power.


How Tom Gardner Transformed His Losing Bet into a Major Win

We’d like to extend a heartfelt "thank you" to those who supported Motley Fool co-founder and CEO Tom Gardner's treadmill marathon in support of DC Prep.


3 Marathons in 3 Days, and Tom Is Still Going Strong(ish)

It’s Day 4 of Tom’s five-day marathon treadmill trek. Here’s how we all can cheer him on to the finish.


Tom Gardner's Settling His Losing Bet Right Now -- Here's How You Can Help

The Motley Fool’s co-founder and CEO is walking 131 miles for a great cause: education, for investors and kids.


CEO Pay: Down But Definitely Not Out

Chief executives’ compensation dropped in 2015, but the numbers still just don’t add up.

It’s a Crucial Year to Address Climate Change in Our Portfolios

This year, shareholders can vote on 94 climate change-related shareholder proposals at U.S. public companies. Where do you stand?

4 Ways to Help Women Win in 2016

Corporate America hasn’t solved gender issues like equal pay for equal work. Here are four ways we can all push for progress -- and a win-win for everyone.


There Are Many Reasons Norovirus Should Sicken Investors

Let’s not fret about the symptoms when restaurants get hit by norovirus news, but ponder a cause: lack of paid sick leave.

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Here's One Strange Strategy to Survive Market Volatility

Buying stocks in companies you truly believe in can help you resist the sell button.

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