Should Apple produce a smaller version of its mega-successful iPad? The implications for whether Apple throws its weight into the smaller end of the tablet market could alter how many billions of consumers' dollars get spent. Recently, as part of Apple's ongoing courtroon battle with frenemy Samsung, several Apple executives revealed some relatively interesting details about their thinking. To get all the detail and see whether this move really makes sense, we asked our technology editor. Watch the following video to find out what he thinks makes the most sense for Apple.

Regardless of whether it decides to make a 7-inch iPad, Apple is the most influential company in technology and has delivered market-smashing returns for those lucky enough to have invested in the company. However, with the impending release of the iPhone 5 and Apple TV on the horizon, the stakes have never been higher for the company. If you're looking for a recommendation on how to play Apple along with continuing updates and guidance on the company whenever news breaks, we've created a brand-new report that details when to buy and sell Apple. To get started, just click here now.