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Andrew Tonner

Andrew Tonner


Andrew Tonner is a senior tech specialist for The Motley Fool. He is a graduate of The University of Arizona with a degree in Finance.

Recent articles

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Forget Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.: These 2 Stocks Are Better Buys

AMD shares are flying high, but shares of these two competitors are better long-term investments.

Google Sydney Reception Plants

2 Terrible Reasons to Sell Alphabet Stock Now

Even for this best-of-breed tech giant, there are analysts who see bearish signs ahead. Some of their concerns might even be legitimate. But worrying about others is to miss the long-term forest for the short-term trees.

Line of Chevy Bolt's

This Driverless Cars Stock Is Ridiculously Cheap

As one of the cheapest stocks on the market, General Motors is a must-watch name for value investors today.

GETTY - Telephone Poles

Frontier Communications Stock: Will It Get Worse?

Shares of Frontier Communications have fallen over 80% over the past 12 months for a reason. Will the pain continue?

GETTY - Ecommerce, Lady Shopping Online

Ignore eBay Inc.: Here Are 2 Better Stocks

Giving their growth potential, Latin America's MercadoLibre and China's Alibaba are more attractive long-term holdings than the original online marketplace.

Micron Technology Offices Texas

Micron Technology Inc. in 3 Charts

The chipmaker’s recent success matters to investors, but it's critical to understand the bigger picture context of its cyclical business.

Facebook Messenger Discover

I Still Can't Believe Facebook, Inc. Spent $1 Billion on Instagram

The world's largest social network knocked it out of the park with its 2012 buyout of Instagram.

GETTY - Semiconductor 2

Qualcomm: Buy the Dip?

Shares are down 15% so far in 2017. Is now the time to snap them up on the cheap?

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Will Intel Profit From the Internet of Things?

How the world’s largest chipmaker plans to tap into this major tech trend.

Amazon Delivery Drone

Whole Foods Market, Inc.: The Bear Case From a Bull

Examining the case against the acquisition that sent shivers across an entire industry.

Microsft Surfaces

9 Things You Didn't Know About Microsoft Corporation

Think you know Microsoft? These little-known facts might surprise you.

GETTY IMAGES - Dividends

AT&T Could Offer Retirees Sustainable Income

The wireless giant combines a high yield, impressive track record, and strong competitive position.

Micron Technology - Memory Chip Cutter Machine

How Micron Technology, Inc. Makes Most of Its Money

Micron’s high-flying stock price is tied to its prominent role in the memory-chip market, for better or worse.

Apple iPhone 7 Jet Black Hero

Better Buy: Apple Inc. vs. IBM

We analyze these big-tech blue-chips to see which company’s stock appears more attractive today.

Google Dinosaur

How Alphabet Can Use Its $92 Billion War Chest

Here are three ideas for the company sporting one of the largest cash balances in corporate America to deploy its billions.

GETTY - Telecom Towers 2

Better Buy: Frontier Communications Corporation vs. AT&T

Running these very different telecom giants through a battery of tests to find which looks like the better stock to own.

Comcast Xfinity Mobile Smartphone

Losing Sleep Over Your Portfolio? Consider These 3 Stocks

Tech, media, telecom stocks AT&T, Apple, and Comcast combine stability and world-class business models.

Microsoft Surface Book Array

How Microsoft Corporation Makes Most of Its Money

Turns out, there’s a fortune to be made in software.

Intel BofAML Tech Conference Slide 2017

How Intel Corporation Makes Most of Its Money

Breaking down the past, present, and future revenues streams of semiconductor giant Intel.

NVIDIA Self-Driving Cars

Ignore Micron Technology, Inc.: Here Are 3 Better Stocks

Resurgent memory-chip stock Micron Technology has enjoyed an incredible run, but other companies in the semiconductor market offer more stable long-term opportunities.

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