Jacobs Engineering Wins $1.9 Billion NASA Contract

Leading an all-star team, Jacobs will support engineering work at the Johnson Space Center in Houston.

Rich Smith
Rich Smith
Feb 20, 2013 at 9:34PM

On Tuesday, Jacobs Engineering (NYSE:JEC) announced that it has won a cost-plus-award-fee services contract from NASA.

Generally speaking, Jacobs will be providing engineering, technology, and science services to NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston. Specific services are to include "engineering design and development, sustaining engineering, engineering analysis and assessment, technology development, test services, laboratory and facility operation and maintenance, planetary mission research, physical science research, and astromaterials curation."

The contract is for an initial five-year "base period" beginning on May 1 and has the potential for two additional two-year-each "options" periods at the end. If all options are exercised, the contract could be worth $1.9 billion in revenues for Jacobs, in total.

Assisting Jacobs on the work, and receiving a share of the funds by subcontract, are a whole host of subcontractors, including United Technologies' (NYSE:UTX) UTC Aerospace division, Alliant TechSystems (UNKNOWN:ATK.DL), Boeing (NYSE:BA), and Oceaneering International's (NYSE:OII) Oceaneering Space Systems division.