Israeli data solutions company Mellanox Technologies (NASDAQ:MLNX) announced today that it has appointed Lead Director Irwin Federman as non-executive chairman of its board of directors.

Federman has a long history with Mellanox, having served as a founding noard member since the company was first created in 1999.

"I am honored that Irwin Federman, my mentor since the company was founded, has accepted the appointment of Mellanox's chairman of the board," said President and CEO Eyal Waldman in a statement. "Irwin has been an invaluable board member since the inception of the company and has been instrumental in guiding and influencing the company's direction. We look forward to working with Irwin as the chairman of the board of directors as we scale Mellanox for our next stages of growth."

Federman has significant experience in the venture capital tech world. His past experiences include a general partner positions at U.S. Venture Partners and Concord Partners, as well as serving as president and CEO of Monolithic Memories, which has since been acquired by AMD.