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Justin Loiseau

Justin Loiseau


Keeping investors up to date on driverless cars, all things Musk, and good companies doing good things.

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General Motors President Dan Ammann (right) with Cruise Automation co-founders Kyle Vogt (center) and Daniel Kan (left)

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Will General Motors win the self-driving car race?


The 5 Biggest Challenges to the Driverless Car Revolution

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waymo fiat

Does Alphabet's Self-Driving Car Lawsuit Spell Disaster for Uber?

Uber is allegedly using secret, proprietary technology that was stolen from Alphabet in its autonomous vehicle systems: Here's what the charges mean for both companies.


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Following Buffett's preference for investing in companies with wide competitive moats could lead investors in the wrong direction in the emerging autonomous vehicle industry.


3 Self-Driving-Car Facts You Need to Know

Self-driving-car stocks are hot -- these three tips will help to keep you from getting burned.


3 Strong Stocks to Invest in the Driverless-Car Race

These three driverless-car stocks are as close as they come to a pure play.

e-commerce family buying laptop credit card

How Important Is E-Commerce to UPS and FedEx?

Will e-commerce dictate the future of these delivery companies?


Is General Electric Destroying Its Best Internet of Things Opportunity?

Do "Internet of Things"-enabled appliances belong in General Electric's product portfolio?


Did Warren Buffet Just Blow $3.6 Billion?

Berkshire Hathaway's MidAmerican Energy recently made a multibillion-dollar wind energy investment -- here's why.


3 Things United Parcel Service Management Wants You to Know

Here's the latest on UPS' sales, costs, and future plans.


Which General Electric Business Grew 62% Last Quarter?

General Electric's renewable energy assets are bigger and better than ever before.


This Renewable Energy Source Blew Solar Away in 2015

Wind won last year -- but is it just hot air?


General Electric: We're No Longer Too Big to Fail

General Electric still has a financial arm, but it's gotten a lot smaller, a lot more focused, and a lot less in need of Washington regulators staring over its shoulder.


Forget Vivint Solar, Inc. -- These 2 Stocks Are Better Buys

The sun isn't shining on Vivint Solar stock. Where should you turn instead?


Energy Storage in India? General Electric Goes for Growth

To make renewable energy practical on a massive scale requires energy storage, and in India, GE may be the company to provide it.


Forget FedEx Corporation: Here's a Better Dividend Stock

United Parcel Service is a better dividend buy -- here's why.


The 5-Minute Guide to United Parcel Service Stock

What could Brown do for you?


Better Buy: FedEx Corporation vs. United Parcel Service

Which stock will deliver for your portfolio?

spwr helix

SunPower Corporation: More Solar Bang For Less Buck

SunPower Corporation is priming its products for future growth opportunities.

sune rainbow

3 Reasons SunEdison Stock Could Rise

After a stormy year for shareholders, it's possible the dark clouds around SunEdison could pass in 2016.