What has earnings season taught me thus far? It's that America's energy industry is being wound up like a jack-in-the-box and is ready to pop at any moment. Once the infrastructure finally catches up, we might finally witness the true potential of the boom in unconventional natural resources. For several years now, bottlenecks have emerged due to pipeline constraints, causing demand to emerge slower than supply growth and market prices to react in a way that left many producers eking out a profit. 

Thankfully, several things are in motion right now that could turn the tide. Railroads are picking up the slack from the lack of oil pipelines. Natural gas exports are set to begin in 2015. And chemical companies are planning massive capital projects in the Gulf Coast region. These three trends prove that the responsive nature of U.S. entrepreneurs will not let this newfound advantage go to waste. Which companies are leading the charge? Tune in below to find out.