The craft beer craze has been in full swing in recent years, and that has meant that the newest, hippest brew in town has gotten a place on the shelf or the tap. That's put pressure not just on big beer, but on older, more established craft offerings like Boston Beer's (NYSE:SAM) Samuel Adams Boston Lager, one of the very first craft beers to gain national prominence. With the demand to find the latest thing, Boston Beer has found its growth powered by seasonal beers, unique new offerings, and its non-beer products Twisted Tea malt beverage and Angry Orchard cider. Meanwhile, volumes of core brands like Boston Lager have been stagnant or falling for years.

However, for the second quarter in a row, Boston Beer has announced significant growth in Boston Lager shipments. That could signal that consumers and retailers have finally had their fill of variety for variety's sake and are returning to a known, trusted brand. In the following video, Fool contributor Daniel Ferry discusses what the resurgent growth in core brands could mean for Boston Beer and its investors.