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Daniel Ferry

Daniel Ferry


Daniel Ferry is a logistics nerd with a transportation planning background who focuses on transportation and advanced manufacturing companies. When he's not writing about trains, planes, and such, he enjoys learning and thinking about the business behind his favorite things: music, media, and good food and drink.

Recent articles

FedEx in Flight

Can FedEx Corporation Stock Soar Again in 2015?

FedEx will count on driving higher profitability, rather than cheap fuel, for growth

Union Pacific Mt Shasta

Could Union Pacific Corporation Stock Skyrocket Again in 2015?

Union Pacific gained 40% in 2014, but what threats and opportunities does it face this year?

Pandora IPO

Record Labels Should Be Rooting For Radio To Die

Terrestrial radio is the problem, and streaming music could be the solution.

Agent Carter

What Disney Investors Need to Know About Marvel's TV Takeover

The premier of "Agent Carter" shows Marvel is breaking new ground in the media business


Railroads Reach All-Time Highs on Record CSX and Canadian National Earnings

CSX, Canadian National, and other North American railroads are proving their worth.

What Would It Mean for Manufacturers if Congress Were to Kill the Export-Import Bank?

Congress must decide by September whether to reauthorize an obscure but influential trade-focused federal agency.


How to Invest Like Buffett With the Union Pacific Railroad

Why Warren Buffett would approve of an investment in Union Pacific.

Leave Taylor Alone! Why Taylor Swift Albums Sell Well in the Age of Streaming Music

Taylor Swift's thoughts on the music business deserve to be taken as seriously as her earning power.

How Will Obama's New Climate Change Initiative Affect the Coal Industry?

The EPA's proposed plan to reduce emissions does not go above and beyond where economics were already leading us

Phantom Ray

Could Combat Drones Be a Turning Point for The Boeing Company's Defense Business?

After over a decade of being virtually shut out from the combat drone market, a Boeing comeback would have big implications for its defense business

Reaper drone

The Coming Next-Generation Military Drone Boom

While the future of drone technology may seem to be in commercial applications, military drones are poised to prosper.

The Great American Whiskey Shortage -- Should Investors Belly Up?

A slow-burning shortage of bourbon and other whiskies has led to rising prices and empty shelves

Why I'm Buying General Motors Company

After years of solid profitability, GM's earnings are still undervalued.

CSX Reports Earnings As Stock Hits All-Time High

Despite a crumbling coal market, CSX delivers record results.

What Boeing's Big Haul Says About the Growing Middle East Market

Boeing is likely to take in more $100 billion in orders at the Dubai Airshow, and that's almost as important for Boeing as it is for the Middle East

Does The Boeing Company's Machinists' Union Vote Leave Future Production up in the Air?

Boeing wanted a new contract from its Washington State machinists to keep 777X production local, but the machinists called Boeing's bluff.

ExOne Reports Earnings and Record Revenue

Despite achieving a quarterly operating profit for the first time, the company is still expected to end the year in the red.

3D Systems Puts Growing the Market Over Profits

Why will 3D Systems miss earnings estimate so that it can invest in capturing a growing market?

Boston Beer's Core Brands Return to Growth

Have consumers finally tired of variety for variety's sake?

3D Systems to Triple Its Metal-Printing Capabilities

After buying out a metal-printing specialist, 3D Systems is betting big on advanced manufacturing.