The 3-D printing industry is swiftly advancing beyond the consumer market and into advanced manufacturing, utilizing rapid printers and sophisticated print materials, most importantly powderized metals. 3D Systems (NYSE:DDD), the world's largest pure-play 3-D printing specialist, is moving aggressively into advanced manufacturing. After buying out metal-printing specialist Phenix Systems in July, 3D Systems is investing heavily to increase its output of metal-capable printers and systems.

By leveraging 3D Systems' superior sales and marketing advantages with Phenix Systems' technology and expertise, 3D Systems managed to completely sell out of its metal printers' capacity in 2013. Seeing this opportunity, CEO Avi Reichental has committed to tripling its metal-printing capacity over the next 12 months. Motley Fool contributor Daniel Ferry discusses these developments, and what investors should make of them, in the video below.