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Do you need to make quick, last-minute travel arrangements to see loved ones this holiday season? If you plan on booking a flight, you are most likely going to charge it. What should you be aware of before you book a flight? There are last minute credit card travel secrets you can use to your advantage that are not apparent to most people.

There is an added benefit of booking a flight through a credit card as opposed to any other form of payment. Those that take advantage of a credit card with a rewards program, specifically one meant for travel purposes, can find ways to make their last-minute travels as affordable as possible. Certain credit cards offer discounts for travel costs, such as checking in luggage and providing an enticing incentive such as bonus points for using a new card during the holidays.

Use rewards points and perks
Sign up for rewards points if you have not done so already. You can claim rewards points through using a credit card designed to help you earn hotel room points, one designed to give you frequent flyer points, or from a credit card that offers cash back. The beauty of rewards points is that they typically do not expire. Start racking up points now and next year you may have the opportunity to travel during the holiday season for free.

Many credit card companies offer a big incentive to sign up during the holiday season and use the card right away. The Delta Skymiles Credit Card allows you to check your first bag on a flight for free. You can also receive priority boarding on your Delta flight. Other cards like the Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card gives you an extra 10,000 miles to use if you spend at least $1,000 within the first three months of obtaining the card.

Combine rewards points with cash
Do you have some rewards points saved up but aren't sure if you have enough money to book a flight or hotel room? Most credit card rewards programs allow you to combine both points and cash to book a flight or hotel. There should be an option available for you to combine both points and cash when you book your travel arrangements. Call your credit card company directly if you run into problems. A representative should be able to provide you with assistance on how to combine both rewards points and cash to book a flight, or inform you if that is even a possibility.

More tips to consider
Did you know that airlines that don't have full seats for weekend flights will most likely post discounts starting on the Tuesday before? Seats for frequent flyers usually open up during this time as well. Keep that in mind since most airlines only allow a limited number of seats to frequent flyers because those seats fill up fast. There might not be any seats left for frequent flyers to book. Most flyers can book less than a week before a flight makes a departure.

Contact airline and hotel companies to see if any special offers are available on cyber Monday, Black Friday, or during any other time this holiday season. Research to see if the deals offered work in conjunction with a credit card you possess so that if you have to book a last-minute flight you know where to find the best deals.

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