Dresser-Rand (UNKNOWN:DRLC.DL), is an equipment and technology company servicing the energy sector. I've talked about this name in the past and wanted to revisit it because there are some new developments I believe could really boost investor interest. For one thing, the company has secured a patent for a concept to combine a conventional Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) facility with a sub-sea piping and compressed air storage system. This patent has big potential, especially since it involves bringing the company's CAES technology along the coast.

Considering nearly 80% of the world's demand for electricity comes from coastal communities, Dresser-Rand could be in a great position to partner with major utility players. The company already won a $200 million contract to supply CAES equipment to Apex Compressed Air Energy Storage in July. Given that Dresser-Rand has proven its design for CAES in McIntosh Alabama, I'm expecting more contracts for its CAES technology to be announced in 2014, especially because that unit has been delivering power since 1991 with a record of more than 95% reliability. One company that could be willing to partner with Dresser-Rand is Pacific Gas and Electric (NYSE:PCG), which has been active in researching CAES since 2009. 

Dresser-Rand is also a growing player in the LNG markets. In fact, the company recently announced that success of its small-scale LNG demonstration plant will enable the E&P players to monetize flared gas; it will also allow clients to benefit from quicker installs, less need for costly trucking from larger plants to LNG fueling depots, and most importantly, faster returns on capital and the ability to be positioned strongly to meet future supply and demand of LNG in local markets. Management has said to expect orders for the small-scale LNG plants, called "LNGo," either later in 2013 or early next year, so news could be imminent. 

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