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John Licata

John Licata


John Licata is the Founder & Chief Energy Strategist of Blue Phoenix Inc. You can follow John on Twitter @bluephoenixinc

Recent articles

ExxonMobil Shareholders Should Say “Nyet”

This behemoth oil company needs to boost oil reserves, but sticking to plans in Russia may not be the strategy shareholders will continue to tolerate much longer.

Obama’s Nod for Deputy Energy Sec. Positive for Nuclear Power

Could the President's nomination for Deputy Energy Secretary been far more supportive for the nuclear sector than one may initially think?

For Energy Startups, Valuation Comes Harder These Days

We live in a different world, one that is much more socially connected than ever before, and that drastically changes how today's energy startups will be valued by investors.

Geothermal: The Other Alternative Energy

We hear a lot about solar and wind power, but there is not much public attention on geothermal energy. That may soon change.

Home Rule Authority May Derail U.S. Fracking Plans

A favorable court ruling in upstate New York may have national fracking implications. Let's take a closer look.

Russian Programmers Look to Control-Alt-Delete U.S. Energy

Cyberthreats have increased in recent years as hackers look to disrupt financial institutions, steal identities, and now control energy remotely, something that should worry the U.S.


Can the US Really Be Energy Independent?

We keep hearing about the US becoming energy independent, yet the reality of the term may be another story.

Former Energy Sec. Says Zero Chance for Gas Tax Hike

There is a growing debate about raising the gas tax for the first time since 1993, but does this idea really have legs?

Upcoming DOE Funding May Heat Geothermal Space

Most people think about solar and wind when considering renewable energy, but this power source may soon get a lot more attention from investors.

This Discovery Should Concern Valero Energy Corporation

This refining behemoth is putting a lot of chips on ethanol, but could a new technology to produce it actually disrupt Valero's business model?

Why BP Should Consider Partnering With SolarCity

Could this oil giant reconsider getting back into the solar space in a very unique way to further show a strong commitment to fight climate change?

Can Small Modular Nuclear Reactors Find Their Sea Legs?

Nuclear power must be part of a strategy to reduce carbon emissions, but legislation needs to move faster on land and on sea.

Why Offshore Drillers Need Artificial Intelligence to Remain Viable

Robotics are making headlines these days, and the drillers should be paying attention if they want to be more profitable.

Royal Dutch Shell plc Brings Crowdsourcing to the Energy Markets

Shell is embracing new ideas through a unique crowdsourcing platform that is paying off for shareholders.

This Brand New TV Series Will Change Your Mind on Climate Change

This new documentary highlights the peril of man-made carbon and the realities of climate change in a way that is more personal than anything I've seen before.

Can Nuverra Stop Fracking Earthquakes?

Increased regulation and heightened focus on the environment could finally give shares of Nuverra a reason to attract investor attention, in a good way.

Is Weatherford International Ltd Hiding Something?

Asset sales are one thing, but continued tax shelters may be too much for some investors of this oil service name.

Pipe Dreams: Is Cheniere Energy Inc’s Stock Gased?

Trading reliance on Russian gas with newly exported gas from the States may not be the solution Europe needs.

Does Coal Have a Future?

Coal stocks have been thrown under the bus, but could a carbon risk report from an energy behemoth attract investors back to the space?

New UN Report Released This Week Supports Nuclear Energy

The UN's IPCC has garnered much attention for its views on climate change, but it's another report that may be very supportive for the nuclear sector.