Royal Dutch Shell plc Brings Crowdsourcing to the Energy Markets

Shell is embracing new ideas through a unique crowdsourcing platform that is paying off for shareholders.

John Licata
John Licata
Apr 20, 2014 at 1:57PM
Energy, Materials, and Utilities

Royal DutchShell (NYSE:RDS-A) is redefining R&D efficiency be tapping public idea generation through it's GameChanger platform. As the video below suggests, the GameChanger platform is rather "game-changing" since it basically brings the successful Kickstarter crowdsourcing model to the energy markets. In fact, the platform allows Shell to stay on top of emerging solutions and the people who are actually creating them at a time when energy efficiency is becoming the new battle cry for modern energy success.

Shell's GameChanger platform has had particular success creating ways to significantly improve oil well recovery rates and evolve the concept of a floating LNG facility, something I believe could dramatically help EU members lower reliance on Russian gas while also diminishing the need to secure U.S. gas exports as a substitute. At the end of the day, the GameChanger platform is just another example of how Shell is embracing change and modern technology to improve the company's bottom line, something that should bode well for long-term investors.