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Stock Market Today: Big Lots Surprises and Lions Gate Disappoints

Today's Top Stories in Health Care: Inovio Pharmaceuticals, MannKind Corp. NewLink Genetics and Retrophin, Inc.

U.S. Consumer Spending Down 0.1%

Elon Musk Shows Off Dragon V2 Craft That Could Ferry Astronauts to Space

Google Gets System in Place to Help Europeans Block Some URLs From Search

Canadian Law Makes It Cheaper to Prevent Oil Sands Leaks Than Clean Them Up

Obama Plans to Announce Rules to Cut U.S. Carbon Emissions

Microsoft Makes Nice With -- Here's Why

How Google Got States to Legalize Driverless Cars

Chicago Economy Soars

Caterpillar Pulls Down the Dow For the Wrong Reason

Consumer Spending Takes an Unexpected Hit

Caterpillar Grinds Its Gears on a Sluggish Day for the Dow

Why Express, Inc. Shares Tumbled

Why NPS Pharmaceuticals Inc. Shares Skyrocketed

Why Retrophin Inc. Shares Blasted Off

Why NewLink Genetics Corp. Shares Spiked Higher

Why Splunk Inc. Shares Plummeted Today

Why Infoblox Inc. Shares Crashed Today

Why NQ Mobile Inc. Shares Skyrocketed Today

Consumer Spending Declines and Analysts Look Toward Next Week's Automotive Sales Reports

A Look at Some Roadblocks Facing Driverless Cars

Why Annie's Inc. Shares Plunged Today

Why Shares of Cheniere Energy Partners LP Holdings LLC Popped Today

Why Glu Mobile Inc. Shares Tumbled Today

At a Glance: Biggest Tech Sector Donors in 2013

Why Lions Gate Entertainment Corp. Shares Shrank

Why Shares of Big Lots, Inc. Jumped

Why Amira Nature Foods Ltd. Shares Jumped

Why NPS Pharmaceuticals, NQ Mobile, and OmniVision Technologies Are Today's 3 Best Stocks

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