Based on the outlook for coal for the next couple of years, it's pretty difficult making an investment case for big players in the space like Alpha Natural Resources (NASDAQOTH:ANRZQ) or Arch Coal (NASDAQOTH:ACIIQ), especially considering their financial position. But coal isn't going away anytime soon, and when overcapacity in the industry is finally weeded out, there will be some profitable opportunities for some companies. Of the U.S.-based companies, the one that looks to be able to handle the down market and capture a larger position in the industry is Peabody Energy (NYSE:BTU).

While Peabody may be a slightly less stable financial position than Cloud Peak Energy (NYSE:CLD), the other player of the big coal companies that doesn't have operations in Appalachia, Peabody has one thing that could make it a better investment long term. Find out what that is and why it makes Peabody the best shot at the coal industry by tuning into the video below.


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