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How 1 Man Turned $10,600 into $8,016,867

By Rex Moore – Mar 3, 2016 at 5:00AM

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A fortune piggybacked on the success of a man who rewrote the rules of investing. [Advertisement]

I never thought getting old was fun (I'm over 50).

"Over the hill!"

"Past your prime!"

Those were phrases I used to think about all the time.

But suddenly, everything changed. All the pieces of the puzzle fell into place. My outlook had completely changed.

You see, I recently heard about one Kansas man who made his fortune later in life.

His name is Stewart Horejsi and he turned a modest $10,600 investment into an $8,016,867 fortune.

Horejsi piggybacked on the success of a man who rewrote the rules of investing.

And on May 2nd last year, I scored a front-row seat to hear this man speak. His name is Warren Buffett -- the billionaire investor.

Like Horejsi, Buffett amassed his wealth later in life too. In fact, as Buffett blew out the candles on his 50th birthday cake, he had 1% of his current fortune.

Think about it: At an age when most Americans give up hope, Buffett was just getting started on the remaining 99% of his fortune!

So, you can imagine how excited I was to find myself in the same room as Warren Buffett himself in early 2015.

Buffett fielded questions from those in the room for nearly 6 hours!

The catch was: I wasn't allowed to record any of it. No audio. No video.

I tried to write down every single word Buffett uttered. Over 10,000 words! My hand ached.

But boy was I glad I did! Buffett shared many of his master strategies that older Americans can use to build wealth later in life. Even if they need to catch up. And even if Wall Street gets clobbered again.

This was one of the most important things that ever happened to my finances. That's why I want to share those strategies and tips with you today -- so you can learn strategies like the ones Buffett and Horejsi used to amass their fortunes later in life.

I've gathered the strategies I learned from Buffett, distilled them down to 11 simple lessons, and put it in the exclusive report you can find below.

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