Rex Moore

Rex Moore


Rex Moore spent his formative years in Texas, and fought beside Davy Crockett at the Alamo. He currently travels the globe for TMF, bringing back video reports on conferences and companies that matter for investors.

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The week-long tech fest in Austin, South by Southwest, has wrapped up with a heavy emphasis on cannabis and blockchain. SXSW also showed how Uber and Lyft are expanding the market through electric scooters.

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An interview with blockchain evangelist Dr. Julian Hosp, who says cryptocurrency is the least exciting use for the blockchain platform.

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Ridesharing, self-driving cars, and texting are all causing a big shift in the way America thinks about automobiles. What does this mean for the automakers?

3 Unique Ways to Look at Virtual Reality

There are many ways the VR market could evolve in the coming years, potentially creating very different winners. What’s an investor to do?