5 Reasons I Charge Almost Every Purchase

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Charging everything pays off for me in a number of ways.

Whether I'm spending a small fortune or just a few dollars, I try to put all my spending on a credit card. Here are five big reasons why.

1. It's convenient

By charging all of my purchases, I never need to worry about going to an ATM machine and getting cash. I also don't have to carry around a lot of cash, and one credit card takes up a lot less space than carrying around a lot of bills. That means I don't always have to carry a wallet and purse and can just stick my card and license in my phone case.

2. It helps me earn rewards

I have a great rewards credit card that I want to make the most of, so I charge everything I can on it. The more I charge, the faster I rack up rewards. Since I use a cash back credit card that deposits rewards into an investment account, each purchase I charge actually helps improve my future net worth a little bit.

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3. I can take advantage of important consumer protections

My credit card offers several consumer protection features that reduce the risk of something going wrong. For example, my card has damage protection, so if I buy something and it's damaged or stolen within a short period of time after my purchase, I can make a claim to get money back from my credit card. The card also provides an extended manufacturer warranty.

And, if it turns out that I get an item that's completely different from what the manufacturer promised (or if a merchant doesn't send an item at all), I can dispute the charges with my credit card company. I've done this several times and got my money back each time. With cash, once I make a purchase, the money is gone even if it turns out there's a problem with the item.

4. My money is protected

Credit cards have strong fraud protection features, meaning I'm not responsible for unauthorized charges. If I lose my wallet, I don't have to worry about a thief being able to charge a whole lot of stuff that I'll end up paying for. If I lose cash, though, the money is gone. Since credit cards protect my money, I'd much rather carry them when I go to the store than carry a bunch of bills.

5. It's easier to track my spending

When I spend money using cash, I have to record the transaction and amount manually if I want to track my spending. With a credit card, the process of tracking spending is a lot simpler. My cards are linked to a budgeting app that automatically categorizes my spending and helps me track it. This makes it a lot easier to stick to my budget.

For me, each of these five reasons alone would be enough to justify charging every purchase. When all five reasons are combined, it's clear that charging everything I can is undeniably the right choice for me.

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