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How to Dispute a Credit Card Charge With Discover

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Don’t get charged for a purchase you didn’t make. This step-by-step guide explains exactly how to dispute a credit card charge with Discover.

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If you recently logged into your bank account to find an unfamiliar or incorrect charge, you’re probably a little worried. It’s important to protect yourself against credit card fraud, but if something happens, your credit card issuer usually has your back.

Credit card fraud is the most common form of identity theft, and you’re rarely going to be liable for it. All of the best credit cards offered by Discover come with a $0 Fraud Liability Guarantee, meaning you aren’t responsible for any unauthorized transactions on your Discover credit card.

Even if the transaction was authorized but you didn’t receive the item as stated or were charged incorrectly, Discover will still work with you. If you follow the steps below, your issue should be resolved quickly and easily.

How does a credit card dispute with Discover work?

You can dispute a credit card charge with Discover and ask for a chargeback, or a reversal of the credit card transaction if you believe the charge to be fraudulent. If you authorized the charge but did not receive the product or service as agreed upon, or if the charge is incorrect, and the merchant is unwilling to budge, Discover can investigate your claims and act as an ally to you.

While the credit card charge is in dispute, you won’t need to pay the charge that is disputed, and you can continue using your Discover credit card as you normally would.

What you need to know before disputing a credit card charge with Discover

If you’re going to dispute a charge, it’s important to do it the right way so that your problem can be resolved in a timely manner. Here are some things you should know before you file a dispute.

What to do if you see a credit card transaction you don’t recognize

If you don’t remember making the transaction, merchants are listed under unrecognizable names or far away headquarters. Give them a call -- you should find their number listed on the transaction next to their name. You can also try searching for the name of the merchant to see what comes up. If you still believe the charge to be fraudulent, contact Discover immediately at  1-800-347-4996.

What to do if you have a problem with the merchant

If you made an authorized purchase but now have an issue with the merchant, you should first try contacting that business to resolve the issue. They can often quickly refund you if they made a mistake, such as charging you twice for the same item, sending the incorrect item, or otherwise not following through with their end of the transaction. Give the merchant at least 15 days to refund the transaction.

Charges you cannot dispute

You can’t dispute a charge over an inconvenience with a merchant or poor service. If you received what you set out to purchase, you’ll have to take up any dissatisfaction over the purchase with the merchant. You also can’t dispute a charge due to theft or damage that occurred after you received the product, although if you have a credit card with a good purchase protection policy, you might be able to use that to get your money back.

Disputing a credit card charge with Discover

The process of disputing a charge with Discover is fairly simple. If you think that fraud has occurred, call 1-800-347-4996 immediately. Otherwise, follow the guide below.

1. Initiate a dispute online or by phone

To dispute a credit card charge online with Discover, you’ll want to log into your account and go to the “Activity and Statement” page. From there, select the transaction(s) you would like to dispute and click “Dispute Charge.”

You can dispute a charge with Discover over the phone by calling their Customer Service line at 1-800-DISCOVER (1-800-347-2683). Have information for the transaction you’d like to dispute handy, including the merchant name as it appears on your statement, the charge amount, and the reason you’d like to dispute it.

2. Upload or send any supporting documentation

Sending extra documentation into Discover can help your case. For example, if you’re claiming that you were charged the incorrect amount, you should send the receipt for the original purchase to Discover. If you were told you’d be receiving a refund but never did, you should provide documentation of that promise.

You can easily upload these documents online by logging into your Discover account, going to the “Disputes” page, and uploading the documents under the “Upload Documents” section. You can also fax them to Discover at 1-224-813-5109 -- be sure to include your name, dispute case number, and the last four digits of your account.

What happens after you dispute a credit card charge with Discover

As soon as you submit your dispute, Discover will start investigating the charge as well as your claims. Discover will have 90 days, by law, to resolve your dispute, but most disputes are resolved within 30-60 days.

Once your dispute is resolved, you should receive a letter or email explaining the outcome. If Discover decides that your dispute is valid, you’ll receive a credit on your statement. If not, the charge will be re-applied, and you’ll be responsible for paying it off.

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