Traveling a Lot in 2022? 5 Credit Card Perks to Go After

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All of these could make your travel more affordable.

Key points

  • Many credit cards offer ways to save money and get rewarded during your travels.
  • It could pay to apply for a new credit card or two before your travel plans kick off.

To say that 2020 wasn't a big year for travel would be an understatement. And while lots of people were hoping to ramp up their travel in 2021, the summertime delta variant surge put a damper on many of those plans.

At this point, though, many consumers are intent on traveling more in 2022. And with COVID-related restrictions largely being out of the picture at the domestic level, that may be more feasible.

If you're planning a lot of travel this year, it's important to use the right credit cards in the course of booking and enjoying your plans. Here are five perks you should make every effort to try to benefit from.

1. Extra cash back at the pump

Some people only have limited patience for taking road trips. But if you have plans to drive to multiple destinations, then it pays to sign up for a credit card that offers extra cash back at the pump. Seeing as how gas prices are up across the board and could increase even more going into summer, you could end up with a lot of cash back by going this route.

2. Free checked bags on flights

Gone are the days when airlines offer anything for free. Now, if you want to check a bag on your flight, you need to pay -- that is, unless you have a credit card that grants you a free checked bag. Many travel reward credit cards offer this perk, so it's worth getting one if you intend to do a lot of air travel.

3. Discounts on in-flight purchases

Planning to get free meals on your flights? Think again. If you're flying domestically and want to be fed on a flight, you'll generally have to pay for your food out of pocket. But if you snag the right travel rewards card, you might score a nice discount on those meals, snacks, or beverages.

4. Extra cash back at theme parks

If your vacation plans include visiting theme parks, it pays to see which credit cards offer bonus reward points for buying tickets. You may be able to redeem those points for cash that helps you swing additional travel.

5. Bonus points at restaurants

If you'll be traveling a lot, that may mean dining out a lot. And that could get very expensive. The good news, though, is that some credit cards offer extra cash back on restaurant purchases, and that could help offset the expense of having to buy food while out on the road.

Save money on your travels

If you haven't traveled extensively since before the pandemic, you're in good company. But if you're going to be doing your share of upcoming travel, it pays to be strategic about the credit cards you use.

Take a look at the cards you have now and make sure they offer the above perks. And if not, put in some new card applications now -- before you're set to embark on whatever your next journey entails.

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