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Best Debt Payoff Apps for 2023

Lyle Daly
By: Lyle Daly

Our Personal Finance Expert

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Figuring out how to pay off debt can be a big challenge. There are different debt payoff methods, and the right one will depend on your specific situation. Of course, the hardest part is often finding the money for a larger monthly payment. These are areas where apps to help get out of debt can be a lifesaver. On our list of the best debt payoff apps, you'll find the most highly rated options.

The Ascent's best debt payoff apps:

  • Debt Payoff Planner: Best debt payoff app overall
  • Qapital: Best automated debt payoff app
  • Digit: Best debt payoff app for personalized debt payments
  • Mint: Best debt payoff app for money management

1. Debt Payoff Planner

Debt Payoff Planner
Best debt payoff app overallDebt Payoff Planner

Bottom line: If you want a detailed plan, then the best app to pay off debt is Debt Payoff Planner. It lets you add your debts and has eight loan categories, including auto loans, personal loans, and credit cards. For anything that doesn't fit into one of those options, there's a category for other types of loans. Then, you'll enter your monthly payment budget and choose the type of debt payoff plan you want. Payoff options include the popular debt snowball and debt avalanche methods, as well as your own custom plan.

Debt Payoff Planner will show you the optimum payoff plan and calculate how long it will take before you're debt free with each option. This makes the app perfect for the many consumers stuck between the debt snowball vs. debt avalanche methods.

  • iOS app rating: 4.7/5 stars
  • Android app rating: 4.6/5 stars
  • Cost: Free to download with ads. Ad-Free Pro version is paid: $6 for one-month subscription, $12 for three-month subscription, or $24 for 12-month subscription; Friends and Family plan costs $9 for one-month subscription or $36 for 12-month subscription.

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2. Qapital

Best for: Saving and investing in oneQapital

Bottom line: For those who want to automate their finances, Qapital has everything you need. It offers a range of features that can help you with every aspect of your finances, including a useful round-up tool. You can have Qapital round up your purchases by an amount of your choosing, and it will save that money towards your goal.

Qapital also offers a Debt Wrangler™ feature. This makes it easy to see how much you owe, lets you pick a payback strategy, and automates your debt payments. It also lets you explore refinancing options that can help you pay off debt more quickly and for less money.

  • iOS app rating: 4.8/5 stars
  • Android app rating: 4.3/5 stars
  • Cost: $3 per month (Basic); $6 per month (Complete); $12 per month (Premier)

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3. Digit

Best debt payoff app for personalized debt paymentsDigit

Bottom line: Digit analyzes your income and spending habits after you connect it to your bank account. As it gets to know you, it saves what you can afford in your Digit account. It then divides these savings among the financial goals you've created. You can make as many goals as you want for savings and debt payoff.

While Digit isn't strictly for paying off debt, it works very well for accomplishing that and other money goals. It works automatically, and since it analyzes your financial situation every day, it helps ensure you're putting the right amount towards your debt.

  • iOS app rating: 4.7/5 stars
  • Android app rating: 4.5/5 stars
  • Cost: $5 per month (six-month free trial)

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4. Mint

Best debt payoff app for money managementMint

Bottom line: With Mint, you can connect all your financial accounts to one easy-to-use app. That includes your bank accounts, credit cards, loans, investments, and more. The app comes with an expense tracking feature and a budgeting tool that can help you reduce your spending. In addition, it has a bill tracker with payment reminders.

Since it offers so many features, Mint is ideal if you want a budget app that helps you pay off debt and improve your overall personal finance situation. The best part about it is that it keeps all your accounts in a single place.

  • iOS app rating: 4.8/5 stars
  • Android app rating: 4.3/5 stars
  • Cost: Free

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How debt payoff apps can help you

Debt payoff apps help you reduce and eventually eliminate your debt. The way this works depends on the app. Here are the most common features of apps to help you pay off debt:

  • Payment planning: Gives you a step-by-step plan for paying off debt based on how much you owe, the interest rate, and your monthly payment amount. These apps often include different payoff options and compare their results. For example, the Debt Payoff Planner app lets you compare different strategies, including the debt snowball and debt avalanche methods.
  • Automated debt payoff: Some of the most popular apps to help get out of debt automate the process as much as possible. Qapital lets you decide on a repayment strategy, and then handles loan payments for you. Additionally, Digit analyzes your bank accounts and makes withdrawals that you can afford to assign to the financial goals you've set.
  • Tracking and reducing spending: Debt payoff apps that connect to your financial accounts can record your expenses and make recommendations on how to budget. If you follow these tips, it will free up more money for paying off debt. Also, these apps can help you decide which debts to pay off first, like credit card debt and other high-interest debt.

Learning about your options and making goals to pay off debt can reap big benefits. By paying down your debt more quickly, you could save money on interest. You could also find ways to consolidate your debt.

Debt consolidation is when you get either a personal loan or a balance transfer credit card to pay off your debt. Then, you just need to worry about the single monthly loan or credit card payment, instead of multiple. You may get a lower interest rate, too.

Another benefit of paying off debt is that it can increase your credit score. Debt can hurt your credit, especially credit card debt. As you pay it off, your credit score should go up. Some debt payoff apps, such as Mint, even allow you to track your credit score.

How to pick the best debt payoff app for you

To pick the best app for debt, think about what you need help with the most. After you answer that, you'll know which type of app to look for. Here are the most common examples:

  • Are you looking for the fastest or cheapest way to pay off debt? A debt payoff app that lets you compare different payoff methods, such as Debt Payoff Planner, is exactly what you need.
  • Do you have trouble paying more than the minimum each month? You should go with a debt payoff app that automatically saves money for you, such as Qapital or Digit. These apps do the work for you -- all you need to do is set them up.
  • Would you like to take a hands-on approach with your debt and be as involved as possible? A payment planning app would work well as a guide and to figure out a repayment strategy.
  • Are you interested in an app to manage all your accounts and cut your spending? Try an all-purpose money management app, such as Mint. These apps typically let you set financial goals, like decreasing debt, and then make suggestions to help you reach them. In addition to debt payoff, they also give you one handy place where you can see all your financial accounts.

Since debt payoff apps work differently, it's all about finding the one that matches your needs. For some consumers, they need an app that will help them put more money toward their debt payments automatically. Others want an app that will give them a detailed debt repayment plan. Whatever you're looking for, there are plenty of apps available with the right features.

Typical debt payoff app fees and costs

Some debt payoff apps are completely free of charge, but others have fees. Monthly subscriptions are the most common type, and there may be the option to pay a yearly fee and get a discount.

Even when debt payoff apps have fees, they're not very expensive. Most cost $5 per month or less. That's not a huge price to pay if the app helps you get debt under control, especially since you'll only need it until you finish paying off what you owe.


  • Some debt payoff apps are free to use. Other debt payoff apps come with a cost. If you choose to use a paid debt payoff app, you'll likely pay a monthly subscription fee. Most paid debt payoff apps are affordable and cost $5 or less per month.

  • Debt payoff apps work in several ways. For starters, they can help you better organize your debt to see how much debt you have, prioritize which debt you pay off first, and come up with a plan. Some debt payoff apps also help automate the debt payoff process by putting extra money toward debt payments. Some debt payoff apps may also connect to your financial accounts to help you better track your spending and stay on budget, so you can free up more money to put toward your debt payoff goals.

  • Debt payoff apps are safe to use. If you're using a reputable and well-known debt payoff app, you can feel confident about your safety. Always use a reputable app, especially if you plan to connect your financial accounts. You should be cautious when using brand-new apps or apps with minimal reviews or brand presence.

  • There are both free and premium debt payoff apps available. You can find many free debt payoff apps if you don't want to pay for one. If you're open to both, some premium apps start you off with a free trial period to see if you like the service.

  • Debt payoff apps provide features that help you put more money toward your debt. Some include payment planners that show you different methods of eliminating your debt and how long they would take. Others link to your bank account and automatically save money for you to put toward your debt payments.

Our Personal Finance Expert