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Movoto is an online real estate brokerage based in San Mateo, CA whose mission is to make real estate easy and fun.

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Housing Prices at a Four-Year High

The median list price index reaches a four-year high, while inventory is either plentiful or nonexistent depending on where in the country you look.

The Safest Suburbs in America

We took into account property crimes, violent crimes and the chances a resident will be a victim of a crime. Two Indianapolis suburbs finished at the top

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How many times have you heard that your house is your piggy bank? What if that was true? Find out how large a piggy bank would be if it contained the actual value of your house.

The 10 Most Affordable Suburbs in America

We’ve shown you the best places to escape from the big city to, now find out which suburbs you can move to without breaking the bank.

Housing Market Cooling Off as New Year Approaches

The real estate market is slowing down as we reach the end of the year. Still, the big news is that the gains homeowners have seen in median list price per square foot are on a trajectory to slow in 2014.