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Are Microsoft’s Android Patents Worth Anything?

Although M-Cam has released its findings about Microsoft's Android portfolio, the company's core business, and its image, are not likely to be materially affected.

Will All-Flash Arrays Save Sinking IBM?

IBM is the leader in the rapidly-growing solid state arrays market. If the company continues growing this segment at even half the current rate, it will easily offset its current revenue decline by 2017.

Why Qualcomm Incorporated’s Royalty Is in No Real Danger

Qualcomm mobile phone royalties are not likely to fall in the long term. This is due to the fact that growth in smartphone shipment volumes is likely to outstrip the rate at which smartphone prices will fall over the next couple of years.

Intel Corporation’s PCIe SSDs Is a Big Threat to Storage Products Manufacturers

Intel unveiled its PCIe SSDs at Computex 2014 that look fairly priced. Western Digital also unveiled its PCIe SATA SSD whose performance is considerably less than that of Intel's new SSDs. Seagte Technology did not unveil any new SSDs. Intel might give the two companies stiff competition as the SSD market continues to mature and PCIe becomes the de facto SSD standard.

Will Alibaba Ever Become a Big Threat to Amazon?

Alibaba's IPO is likely to result in more Americans becoming aware of the giant Chinese online retailer. But will the company really pose a big problem for Amazon?