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John Rotonti

John Rotonti


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Do You Have an Investing Checklist?

Motley Fool analyst John Rotonti shares the ever-changing investing scorecard he uses for picking winning stocks and avoiding losers.

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Everything You Want to Know About CDW, One of My Favorite Stocks

This value-added reseller of tech products and an IT solutions provider has an awesome CEO and a great dividend growth story.


Learning from One of the Best: The Motley Fool Investing Team Chats with Mary D’Onofrio of Bessemer Venture Partners

A framework for investing in cloud companies helps this star venture capitalist make decisions about which startups to back.


Learning from One of the Best: A Motley Fool Investing Team Chat with Marcelo Lima

The founder of Heller House sits down with The Motley Fool to discuss innovation, growth, and opportunity in the software industry.


Everything You Want to Know About Arista Networks, One of The Motley Fool’s Favorite Stocks

This computer networking company had a rough quarter, but here's a Q&A about why it's still a worthy investment.


ESG Investing: How to Evaluate a CEO Using the 4 Cs of Good Management

A key component of a high-ESG stock is a stellar management team. Here are four qualities that define an exemplary leader, which should be top of mind for ESG investors.


Does ESG Investing Produce Better Stock Returns?

Are you wondering if ESG investing really works? Let's explore the research.


A.O. Smith's Quiet Market Dominance

Water heaters are great business, and A.O. Smith has a massive top-dog advantage.


Interview: Talking Decking, Diets, and Discounts With the Polen Small Company Growth Team

John talks to Tucker Walsh and Rayna Lesser Hannaway, the two portfolio managers of the Polen U.S. Small Company Growth Strategy, about Paycom, EPAM Systems, and more.


Interview: The Qualitative Genius of Sean Stannard-Stockton

The president and CIO of Ensemble Capital is wicked smart and a great teacher. Read on for his take on qualitative vs. quantitative investing and so much more.


Add Graco to Your Watchlist

World-class, low-risk, and under the radar? Find out what this Graco business is all about.


Talking Stocks with Ben Allen, CEO of Parnassus Investments

Read on for insights from the head of the largest pure-play environmental, social, and governance fund in the United States.

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Taking a Bite Out of Apple With Gene Munster

The tech analyst and managing partner of Loup Ventures talks about the future of the world's biggest company.

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Talking Stocks With Dan Davidowitz and Damon Ficklin of Polen Capital

Learn about their process, Polen Capital's culture, and their thoughts on a variety of stocks.

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Talking Stocks With Bill Nygren

Motley Fool analyst John Rotonti interviews a value-investing icon.

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Collaboration and Profit at Weitz Investment Management

Founder Wally Weitz talks about how he finds and evaluates potential investments.

Artisan Partners: Hand-Crafted Approach, Bespoke Returns

Motley Fool analyst John Rotonti asks the portfolio managers for Artisan Partners' Growth Team about their process, their thoughts on the market, and the stocks they like now.

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Sean Stannard-Stockton: Lessons From Winners Like Mastercard and More

Motley Fool analyst John Rotonti interviews the president and chief investment officer of Ensemble Capital.

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Interview With Smead Capital Management: Outperformance for the Longest Time

A Motley Fool analyst interviews the portfolio managers of a four-star, market-stomping mutual fund.

Interview With Jerome Dodson of Parnassus Investments

A Motley Fool analyst talks shop with the leader of Parnassus Investments, which manages one of the best-performing funds in the world.