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Eventbrite Going Public -- Here's What You Need to Know

The unicorn debut will offer the market an opportunity to invest in a fast-growing space.


What the Tesla Headlines Don’t Tell You

The electric car innovator finally hit its 5,000 Model S vehicles a week production target … but the underlying story is more complex. Also, catch up on big news from Harley-Davidson, GE, SpaceX and more.


What Will a Trip to the Shopping Mall Look Like 10 Years From Now?

Our special guest shares his take on the changing face of brick-and-mortar retail.


3 Healthcare Stocks for Your Radar

Why you might want to check out Novocure, Foundation Medicine, and Celgene sooner rather than later.

Streaming Television Abstract

What We Learned From Netflix Inc. and Walt Disney Co at SXSW

The two companies share a few behind-the-scenes secrets that help make their products and services so appealing to consumers.

Eyewear Industry Trendy Glasses Display Close-up

Warby Parker Co-Founder David Gilboa Joins Industry Focus

Hear the story behind this "unicorn" company.

Sin Stock Showdown: Anheuser-Busch InBev vs. American Outdoor Brands

We welcome financials analyst Gaby Lapera to the show to share some of our favorite stocks in the consumer and retail sector. In this case, we have two leading companies in their respective industries that can still make for a David and Goliath story.


Fresh Out the Oven for 2017 -- New Resolutions and a Slice of Humble Pie

Learning to tackle major goals one step at a time.

Pizza Pie Yummm

Ordering Anything and Everything at the Push of a Button

Technology and consumer-retail companies are coming together to reduce friction in the buying process. Are they on to something, or are these tactics just gimmicks?

News, Politics, and Their Effect on the Gun Industry

This week brings our summer interns into the studio to learn more about different industries and companies. Minashsha Lamisa wants to know: “What are the potential effects of the recent Orlando tragedy on the gun industry?”

What Investors Need to Know About Retail Inventory

From the apparel industry to your local grocery store, metrics like inventory turnover can tell investors a lot about a company and its operations. But in the words of one of the most well-run retailers today, should management treat inventory as “fundamentally evil”?

Will Comcast Corporation Get Its Money's Worth From the DreamWorks Buyout?

DreamWorks founder and CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg called the buyout of the company, at $3.8 billion, “the deal I’d always hoped would come along.” But after a major restructuring and string of box-office disappointments for the animation studio, is Comcast getting a good deal?

From All-Day Breakfast to Athleisure Wear: Looking Back at the Top Stories in Consumer and Retail

Industry Focus welcomes special guest Mark Reeth for a nostalgic look at McDonald's, Lululemon, and more.

Why These Sporting Goods Retailers Are Losing Out to the Competition

The sporting goods industry has become the latest example of how competition and disruption are forcing everyone from big-box chains to mom-and-pop stores to adapt to the new world order in retail.

Will New Multi-Billion Dollar Resorts Bring Macau Back to Life?

The state of Macau in 2016 -- as gaming revenue continues to decline, casino operators are doubling down with massive new properties.

Walt Disney Co Investors on Edge as CEO Succession Plan Falls Apart

What we know about the sudden departure of Disney’s COO -- and heir apparent to CEO Bob Iger.

Can Inc. Lend Its Magic Touch to Comcast Corporation?

In a surprising move to investors and customers alike, the Amazon Cable Store is officially here, offering television, Internet, and phone bundles from Comcast that feature the e-commerce leader’s simple ordering process and a dedicated customer service team.

A Big Picture Look at the State of Retail With the Retail Industry Leaders Association

The Motley Fool welcomes special guest Brian Dodge from the Retail Industry Leaders Association to share with us his view of some of the trends, challenges, and innovative opportunities that retail management teams are focused on in 2016 and beyond.

Cheers and Jeers: AMC to Acquire Carmike, Shake Shack Falls on Weak Guidance

AMC ups its box office market share with a $1.1 billion acquisition, while Shake Shack worries investors with a ho-hum 2016 outlook.

Hilton's Breaking Up (Into Three New Companies)

Hilton announced last week that it will be restructuring into three publicly traded entities, including one of the last REITs after Congress passed legislation in December barring the tax-free REIT spin-offs that had become popular with hotels, restaurants, and casinos.