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Molly McCluskey

Molly McCluskey


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LIBOR Fallout Continues

RBS CEO steps down and new rules for benchmark-rate management.

New Study on Advisor Satisfaction Invokes Chickens, Eggs

Do satisfied customers lead to satisfied brokers? Or are customers satisfied when their brokers are?

"The Frog Can Swim Just Fine"

The STOCK Act's proponents weigh in on the latest impediments to stop insider trading in Congress.

LIBOR Ruling Good for Investors, Bad for Customers

The ruling on an antitrust lawsuit signals business as usual.

Is Starbucks Slipping?

Increasing competition may be eating away at the giant mermaid.

Will Banks' Bottom Lines Suffer From a Campus Crackdown?

More than just credit cards, banks are targeting every aspect of a student's college career. Are those days coming to a close?

The Bank at the Heart of the LIBOR Scandal

Employees key to spreading rigging across banks.

MF Global's Not Over

A new settlement offers encouragement for customers, but fails to address other issues.

Risky Bets Jeopardize Pensions, Shareholders

Funds seek alternative investments amid losses, layoffs and new regulations.

LIBOR Investigations and Fines Overshadow Earnings Season

The theatrics of the rate-manipulation scandal are playing out on a global stage.

Customers Following Brokers Are Choosing Their Own Adventure

FINRA's proposed regulation may take away some of the surprises.

Morgan Stanley's New Compensation Indicative of Larger Trend

Changes of broker compensation and disclosure will continue throughout 2013.

Will Netflix's SEC Troubles Impact Investors?

Concerns over improper disclosure could lead to civil action.

3 Emerging Markets to Watch Now

Geographic desirability, untapped resources and growing economies put these countries on the short list for investors.

What the LIBOR Scandal Means for Investors

Fines, regulations, a new index? What to look for in the coming year.

Zipcar: A Big Growth Opportunity?

Zipcar could be a major disruptor in the rental car industry.

Is Investing in Indonesia Worth the Risks?

Southeast Asia's largest economy has high levels of consumer confidence, and corruption.

Is Romania the EU's New Squeaky Wheel?

Plagued by corruption and the disapproval of other member states, the Balkan country may have the last laugh.

Should You Be Using Your Credit or Debit Card at All?

A new suite of prepaid debit cards takes up where other cards left off.

I Was Wrong About Zipcar

Misjudging the competition could have disastrous results for the car-sharing company.