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David Jagielski

David Jagielski


David Jagielski is a designated accountant and has spent 10+ years working in finance for small and large businesses in many different sectors. He has been writing for The Fool since 2017. When he's not out hunting for cheap stocks or writing articles, odds are he's writing macros in Excel or reading history books.

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Moderna Just Made a $700,000 Mistake

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Could This Stock's 9.9% Dividend Yield Be a Golden Ticket?

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This Growth Stock Is Raising Guidance Despite Multiple Headwinds

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Did IIPR's Q1 Results Calm Investors' Fears?

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This Dividend Stock Has Been Increasing Its Payouts for 75 Straight Periods

Healthcare Services is not a Dividend King but it has an impressive streak going.

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Is Regeneron In Trouble After Sales Declined 40% In a Single Quarter?

The pharmaceutical company's COVID-19 treatment wasn't the only product suffering this past quarter.

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Down 80% From Its High, Can Tilray Stock Spark Again?

Is Tilray the best cannabis stock to hold if marijuana legalization happens in the U.S.?

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Is Moderna Wasting a Golden Opportunity?

Moderna will likely need to make a move sooner or later.

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