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Brandy Betz

Brandy Betz


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3 Obamacare Lessons From Medicaid Expansion

Medicaid expansion's favorite example nearly fell by the wayside. But the continued expansion debates hint at more problems for the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

Allergan Waits to Exhale

The Food and Drug Administration issued another complete response letter for Allergan's migraine inhalant.

What Will Obamacare Do to Medicare?

The prescription donut hole's closing. But what does Obamacare mean for other types of Medicare?

Top Obamacare Questions Answered

Still confused about what this new health reform means for you? Here's our quick-start guide to the health care changes starting next year.

Isis: Big Pharma's Little Friend

This Huntington's disease partnership could revolutionize treatments -- or fail out in trials. What does this new deal mean for Isis?

3 Obamacare Stories You Missed This Week

One state released proposed premium rates, more confusion surrounded Medicaid expansion, and top insurers could delay Obamacare's restrictions.

Obamacare Falls Into Place, and Health Insurers Rejoice

The government formalized rates for Medicaid and Medicare. What does it mean for insurers?

UNH Segments

Sizing Up One of Obamacare's Biggest Players

UnitedHealth Group has become an industry leader. Can the company survive Obamacare?

3 Health-Care Stories You Should Know

Obamacare changes continue to redefine Medicare, Medicaid, and health insurers. Also, where can you buy the cheapest generics?

Obamacare Is Changing Health Insurance Forever

Obamacare will change how health insurers can mitigate risk. Find out why the market's shifting towards government-sponsored programs like Medicare and Medicaid.

Why This Health Insurer Dropped Today

What's the cost of a Medicaid contract loss?

3 Health Care Stories You Probably Missed

A look back at the hidden health care stories from last week.

Is Your State Embracing Obamacare?

Obamacare has a variety of states looking to at unique ways to expand Medicaid and appease politicians.

Why Cardinal Health Dropped

Could Walgreen's nonrenewal cripple this drug distributor?

This Week's Health Care Reform Headlines

A look back at the week's top headlines in health care reform.

Better Health, an iPhone App Away

Some of the world's biggest health care companies are leveraging the popularity of Apple's iPhone and Android devices to build specialized apps for their drugs.

Old, Sick, and Poor: Health Care's Most Expensive Patients

The Affordable Care Act has changes in store for treating the high-risk, high-cost Americans eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid benefits.

This Week in Health Reform

The ebbs and flows of redefining our health care system.

Does This Change the Medicaid Expansion Game?

Hesitant lawmakers can have it both ways after a surprising Medicaid expansion plan is approved.

Can Health Insurance Still Profit From Baby Boomers?

Further rate cuts may erode profits of private Medicare insurers.