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Prime subscribers can now share their unlimited photo storage with one member of their household.

Samsung is Dominating This Electronics Market (Hint: It's Not Smartphones)

The Korean tech giant is capturing an increasingly large portion of the TV market. Its massive share could make its Tizen platform a strong alternative to Alphabet's Android TV.

Almost No One is Using Android Marshmallow

Alphabet's mobile operating system remains fragmented, with the majority of Android devices running older versions of the Android operating system.

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Microsoft Corporation's Latest App Aims to Convert Android Users

AppComparison aims to convert Android fans to Windows Phone.

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The profitable company gives investors an opportunity to get exposure to the money-making side of online dating.

Samsung Could Make a Big Change to the Galaxy S7

Facing competition, the Korean tech giant could be about to slash prices.

Samsung's Obscure Operating System is Now More Popular Than BlackBerry

Tizen powered more phones in the third quarter than BlackBerry's operating system.


Is Anyone Using Apple Pay?

Recent surveys from Trustev suggest most consumers aren't using Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, or Android Pay.

Here's Why Apple, Inc.'s iPad Business Has Tumbled

It seems consumers with older iPads aren't buying newer models.

Alphabet Inc. Should Fear Windows 10

The steady rise of Windows 10 should put pressure on the dominance of Google's search engine.

Don't Take IDC's Smartwatch Predictions Too Seriously

The research firm has a poor track record when it comes to projecting future mobile market share.

Apple, Inc. Has an Unusual Solution for People Who Can't Afford an iPhone

Rather than release a cheaper handset, the Cupertino tech giant is pinning its hopes on the growing number of used iPhones.

Apple's Mac Market Share Could be a Lot Higher Than You Think

Windows PCs continue to dominate, but the Mac has taken a sizable share of a particular market.

GameStop Still Doesn't Have an Answer for Digital Downloads

The video game retailer remains threatened by the shift to digital downloads.

The iPad's Market Share Continues to Collapse

Apple's share of the tablet market has declined significantly over the last five years, dropping from around 90% to just over 20%.

Don't Buy a TV on Black Friday

Those HDTV prices might be too good to be true.

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A dedicated Android user explains why he made the switch from Alphabet's mobile operating system to Apple's device running iOS.

Here Are the Biggest Android Wear Challengers to the Apple Watch This Holiday Shopping Season

The TAG Heuer Connected, Fossil Q Founder, and four other Android Wear alternatives could make up serious competition for the Apple Watch.

Millions of Android Owners are Switching to iPhone

Apple sold just over 48 million smartphones last quarter, around 10 million of which may have gone to former Android owners.