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Sam Mattera

Sam Mattera


Sam has a love of all things finance. He writes about tech stocks and consumer goods.

Recent articles


How Risky Is NVIDIA Corporation?

The GPU giant has been a stellar performer in 2016, but risks remain for shareholders.


How Risky Is Square Inc?

The small business payment specialist is growing rapidly, but its business model remains risky.


Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.'s Best Moves in 2016 So Far

The promise of Zen chips and Polaris GPUs has helped propel the chipmaker's stock in 2016.


Better Buy: Fitbit Inc. vs. Apple

One is a fast-growing consumer electronics company whose sales depend on customers buying a steady stream of new gadgets. The other was founded by Steve Jobs.


Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.'s Best Product in 2016 So Far

AMD's Radeon RX 480 is the company's best chance at growing its GPU market share.


3 Companies Whose Sales Could Double in 2017

Fitbit, Box, and Square could be poised for strong growth in the coming quarters.


When Will Split Its Stock Again? has not announced a stock split yet. But as its stock price chart climbs higher, the online retailer could consider a stock split. Over the course of its history, Amazon has split its stock three times.


Can Seagate's Dividend Even Survive?

The hard-drive maker is spending about two-thirds of its operating cash flow on its dividend.


Palo Alto Networks Stole a Key Customer from FireEye Last Quarter

FireEye's problems may be driven by increasing competition.


4 Best Stocks to Invest in Drones

AeroVironment, GoPro, Elbit Systems, and Ambarella could benefit from surging demand for unmanned aerial vehicles.


More Ways Microsoft Is Making Office 365 More Appealing

The maker of Windows 10 is adding new applications and services to its cloud-based subscription service.


FireEye Inc in 5 Charts

Tracking the cybersecurity company's changing revenue, expenses, and profitability.


This Windows 10 Rival Looks Like a Failure

Valve's SteamOS is off to a very poor start.


3 Dividend Tech Stocks to Avoid

Seagate, Garmin, and HP offer attractive dividends, but could burn shareholders.


Apple's Mac is Now a Threat to Google

The Cupertino tech giant will soon bring Siri to the Mac. That could benefit Microsoft's search engine.


This Company is Billionaire Peter Thiel's Biggest Holding

Secretive startup Palantir is a key component of the billionaire investor's portfolio.


2 Surprising Stocks That Could Benefit From Virtual Reality

Theme park operators could enjoy a boost to attendance as rides enhanced by VR headsets give guests a new reason to visit.


FireEye Inc Plunges After Turning in a Disastrous Second-Quarter Earnings Report

2016 operating cash flow, which was expected to total between $70 million and $80 million this year, will be negative.


Square, Inc. Shares Surge After the Company Crushes Earnings

Rising demand for loans helped propel software and data product revenue.


2 Incredibly Cheap Virtual Reality Stocks

Sony and AMD offer investors inexpensive ways to play the emerging trend.