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Joseph Harry


I tend to focus more on value than growth, but stocks that tie in both are my favorites.
I really like dividends, too. Follow me on Twitter @JosephHarry87 or stop by for more investing ideas.

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AT&T and Verizon both make great high-yielding, defensive investments with potentially improving growth prospects.

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Microsoft is raking in the cash from Android, rumored Windroid device or not.

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Google has enjoyed an unassailable moat in search advertising for years, but this could soon change with competition from Facebook.

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The connected-car is quickly becoming industry-standard. It's time to consider its impact.

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With the upcoming rise of the the "Internet of Things" and connected cars, AT&T might not have to expand internationally to grow.

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Microsoft's cloud offerings don't get enough respect for how fast they are growing and shares are undervalued.

The IoE: Invest in the Internet, Don't Fret Over the Everything

AT&T is a great way to invest in the Internet of Everything due to its diversified exposure to its various components.

The Future of Workplace Communication

Microsoft and Cisco dominate unified communications and will see growth from it going forward.

Windows Into the Cloud

Microsoft's cloud is expanding rapidly, and will be a key strategic asset as the company's software is integrated with it.

Telecoms: Test Driving the Internet of Everything

Soon, automobiles will be connected to the Internet just like smartphones and tablets, which will provide growth for wireless carriers and big data firms.

Big Tech's New Model for Innovation: Your Brain

Tech companies are developing software systems and chips that pattern the processes of the human brain. This can potentially change the face of computing forever. What Microsoft, International Business Machines, and Qualcomm are planning to emulate your brain.

The 64-bit Paradigm Shift

The 64-bit chip introduced in the new iPhone 5s is a game-changer and is good for Apple's long-term prospects.

3 Stocks to Benefit From Alaskan Natural Gas

3 cheap oil super-majors will profit significantly when current Alaskan natural gas plans come online.

A Huge Value Play Hiding in Plain Sight

Apple is cheap, and now is the perfect time to establish a position.

The Best Domestic Tobacco Stock to Buy Now

Of the three largest U.S. tobacco stocks, Altria packs the most value

Prep Your Portfolio for a Cashless Society

Visa and MasterCard are set to capitalize on the shift from cash to digital payments.

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Cisco, Qualcomm, and AT&T are positioned to profit from the tremendous growth of the Internet of Everything.

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Despite impressive growth over the years, Google's revenue streams are currently not diversified. This is something investors should pay more attention to.

Generate Income With This Telecom King

AT&T is a great income play at today's levels.