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John Bromels

John Bromels


John has found investing to be more interesting and profitable than collectible trading card games. He seeks growth and value stocks in the U.S., in Germany, and beyond!

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Chevron Announces Record Quarterly Loss, Maintains Dividend

The oil supermajor's quarterly loss was the worst in at least 30 years.

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Royal Dutch Shell Reports Big Q2 Loss Due to Coronavirus

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Forget GE, Brookfield Asset Management Is a Better Diversified Industrial Stock

While General Electric struggles with manufacturing infrastructure, Brookfield excels at infrastructure investment.

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Is ExxonMobil Stock a Buy?

Shares of the top oil company have been hit hard in 2020. Is it a bargain?

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How General Electric Has Remodeled Its Business in the Last 3 Years

The company has reinvented itself. Here's why it hasn't helped.

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These 5 Stocks Could Be the Next to Slash Their Dividends

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Forget Oil Stocks: Buy Renewable Energy Stocks Instead

Oil stocks are tied to transportation in ways renewables aren't.

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5 Top Stocks for July

These picks are tailor-made for these uncertain times.


How Much Money Do You Need to Start Investing?

Everything you should consider before you put your money to work.

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3 Energy Stocks to Buy Right Now

These clean energy picks offer high growth potential.

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3 Infrastructure Stocks to Buy Right Now

In times of market turmoil, top infrastructure companies are a smart pick.

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Why Top Auto Stocks Plummeted in the First Half of 2020

From stay-at-home orders to manufacturing shutdowns, the auto industry had a rough start to the year.

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Why These Top Medical Device Stocks Have Fallen by Double Digits So Far in 2020

High demand for a single product can't sustain an industry.

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Selling Stock: Are There Tax Penalties on Capital Gains?

Learn how to determine your capital gains taxes.

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Why Discovery Inc. Shares Have Plunged More Than 35% So Far in 2020

It's all about the streaming... or the lack thereof.

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Why This Top Oil Stock Crashed 35.5% in the First Half of 2020

Even strong oil refiners can't win in this environment.

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Why ConocoPhillips Stock Plummeted in the First Half of 2020

Black gold lost its luster in March.