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John Bromels

John Bromels


John has found investing to be more interesting and profitable than collectible trading card games. He seeks growth and value stocks in the U.S., in Germany, and beyond!

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Why Tesla Is Always Rushing to Make End-of-Quarter Deliveries

Is Elon Musk just procrastinating, or are there other factors at play here?

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Forget Bitcoin: These 3 Stocks Are Better Buys for a Bull Market

Cryptocurrency's fast rise means there are safer bets for 2021.

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Starting Investing in 2021? Here Are 3 Great Starter Stocks

These are top picks for first-time investors.

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3 Stocks Set to Soar in 2021

These top picks look poised to take off next year.

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3 Stocks That Went Up More Than 50% in 2020 and Aren't in the Tech Sector

These under-the-radar winners may still have gas in the tank.

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Warren Buffett Should Buy These Stocks in 2021

The top investor has a big cash position. Here's what he could spend it on.

stock growth

Using the Price-to-Book Ratio to Analyze Stocks

It's a top valuation metric...but only for certain kinds of companies.

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Tesla's Elon Musk: Snakes. Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?

The top electric carmaker hoped to scale up its European operations...but not like this.

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Forget Tesla, These 3 Stocks Are Better Buys Right Now

These top picks look poised to outperform.

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Is BP Stock a Buy?

This top oil company is transitioning away from oil. Time to buy?

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Forget Fuel Cell Stocks: Here Are 3 Better Clean Energy Plays to Buy

Hydrogen stocks are hot, but these top picks offer less risk.

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3 Stocks That Could Make You Rich

These top picks are in important emerging industries.

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Calculating Diluted Earnings per Share (EPS) Formula

Calculating diluted earnings per share is a way to account for all shares a company might issue.

Return on Equity (ROE): Definition and Formula

This useful metric can evaluate both a company's management and its growth rate.

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NIO's Market Cap Just Passed General Motors: Can It Live Up to Its Valuation?

Could this fast grower be China's answer to Tesla?

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These 3 Dividend Stocks Are Supercharging Their Payouts to Shareholders

From 50% dividend hikes to special payments, these top companies are rewarding investors.

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What Are Stock Market Corrections?

Don't be afraid of them; exploit them!

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3 Growth Stocks for In-the-Know Investors

These top stocks promise big growth at good prices.

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Despite the Coronavirus Vaccine-Induced Rally, These 3 Stocks Are Still Cheap

The stock market has overlooked these top picks.

Getty F35 Fighter Jets in Formation Lockheed Planes

Trump Administration Clears First-Ever Sale of Armed Drones and F-35 Fighters to the UAE

The U.S. ally would become the first Arab country to receive the technology.