Glenn Singewald

Glenn Singewald


Glenn Singewald studies Economics and Food Studies at UNC-Chapel Hill. Covers consumer goods and China's economic rise. Enjoys rare steaks, fine wines, and winning investments.

Recent articles

Can KFC Win Back China?

Yum!’s KFC has dominated China’s fast food market since day one in 1987. But in recent years, the fried chicken slinger has suffered from health scares and competition. Can KFC win back China?

Will Starbucks Become the Hip Panera Bread?

We all think of coffee when it comes to Starbucks, and bread when it comes to Panera Bread. But those lines are blurring. What does that mean for each company’s competitiveness?

Does Keurig Green Mountain Play Fair?

Keurig Green Mountain had a marvelous March: the company revamped its name, joined the S&P 500, and broke the shackles of an exclusive licensing deal with Starbucks. However, in the wake of a lawsuit over unfair competition, investors must decide if Keurig plays fair.

Australia Ashes Philip Morris: What's Next?

Philip Morris sent two alarming signals this month about the state of Big Tobacco as it announced factory closures in Australia and the Netherlands. As developed nations heighten their regulations and smoking rates decline, can Big Tobacco continue to cough up profits and dividends?

Tesla Motors Inc.: Does China Dream of Electric Wheels?

The modern Chinese Dream mirrors the 1950s American Dream -- house, family, car -- but carries a 21st-century twist. Will Tesla Motors' entry into China's luxury-auto market capitalize on the Chinese Dream?

China Trends Toward Milk, Soy, and Coffee Stocks

China's drinking more milk these days, and that's a boon to American dairy companies. Besides milk, there are two other incumbent China beverage trends that should bring profit to these American food companies.

Why I’m Buying Starbucks for My 21st Birthday

Most college males get excited about imbibing alcohol on their 21st birthdays. Instead, I’m feeling perky about buying myself the present of Starbucks stock. Here’s why.

3 Companies' Strategies for Higher China Prices

China’s upper class is a haven for American corporations charging price premiums. Will these three companies keep profiting big on China’s high prices, or will market forces push back?

Throw Out Your March Madness Bracket

Why throw away $50 to enter another March Madness bracket tournament when you could have doubled that money by investing in these sports apparel stock champions last March?

Rogers Adoption Curves: iPhones and Organic Food

Once titans of innovation, Apple and Whole Foods Market are approaching industry maturity. Their breakthrough products, iPhones and organic food, are reaching market saturation. What's next?

UNC-Duke Basketball and the Tobacco Stock Rivalry

Duke and UNC have been basketball rivals for decades. These universities were built on tobacco's legacy. Are tobacco stocks like R.J. Reynolds and Phillip Morris still worth rooting for?

Is China a Dead-End for Cigarette Stocks?

China leads big tobacco’s growth prospects for Asia. But could a recent study, China’s Michelle Obama, and a state-run economy spell dead-end for investors?

Economies of Kale: Wal-Mart vs. Whole Foods

Organic food, Whole Foods, and Wal-Mart -- which one doesn’t belong? Surprisingly, organic food profits may taste better with Wal-Mart than with Whole Foods. Find out why Wal-Mart wins the organic game here.

Chipotle: The McDonald’s of Burritos?

Chipotle owes its success to McDonald's. Will the burrito giant dominate the fast-casual food industry as McDonald's has reigned over fast food for the past 75 years?