What happened

Shares of MobileIron (NASDAQ:MOBL) are hot as a frying pan this morning, rising 13.5% through 10:45 a.m. EDT, after Bloomberg reported that the company may be seeking a sale.  

MobileIron, which provides cybersecurity for mobile devices, has not yet confirmed the news, and even Bloomberg's sources admit that "the company could opt to remain independent."

Two officeworkers whispering a rumor next to the copy machine

"Did you hear the rumor about MobileIron?" Image source: Getty Images.

So what

Still, it's the rumor that is moving the stock today, so here's what the news agency reported: Citing "people familiar with the matter," Bloomberg says that MobileIron is "working with a financial adviser" to explore "options including a potential sale."

That's it. The story contained no additional detail on MobileIron's plans (or lack thereof).

Now what

Would a sale make sense? Perhaps. MobileIron stock is down more than 15% in a stock market that's seen the S&P 500 gain more than 18% over the past year, and management may be feeling the strain. But I don't see any compelling need for MobileIron to be holding a fire sale.

Yes, the company is losing money, but it also has "money to lose": nearly $88 million in cash and equivalents, versus just $12.5 million in debt. At its current rate of cash burn -- less than $6 million a year, according to S&P Global Market Intelligence -- MobileIron could lose money for years before needing to seek a white knight to save it.

Meanwhile, sales were rising at last report, up nearly 16% year over year. And in a stock market where investors seem to value sales growth over all else, and are willing to leave profits for a later date, I suspect MobileIron stock will do just fine so long as it can keep growing.

Whether someone buys it ... or not.

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