What happened

Just 19 days ago, cybersecurity specialist CrowdStrike Holdings (CRWD 2.03%) announced that it had decided to buy Preempt Security, a leader in "zero trust" security software that challenges everyone trying to obtain access to a network -- and keeps on monitoring and verifying them "continuously" as they work within the network. Just one week later, CrowdStrike confirmed that it has completed the acquisition.    

And today, CrowdStrike already has a product ready to roll out because of it.

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So what

CrowdStrike blitzed the market with a series of press releases this morning, announcing enhanced "security for multi-cloud environments," improved "endpoint protection," and perhaps most particularly, "zero trust" protection for "endpoint devices."      

Focusing on the latter, the company says customers can now benefit from "CrowdStrike Falcon Zero Trust Assessment (ZTA) which delivers continuous real-time security posture assessments across all endpoints in an organization regardless of the location, network or user." ZTA, says the company, takes a "holistic cybersecurity approach that protects [corporate] data and users from the sophisticated tactics of cyber adversaries."

What's really interesting about this announcement, though, is the mention that CrowdStrike's latest capability appears to derive, at least in part, from "the recently announced acquisition of Preempt Security."

Now what

CrowdStrike's ability to move from acquisition to integration to product rollout in the space of less than three weeks speaks volumes about the efficiency of this organization. Combined with the company's recent confirmation that it is on track to hit its earnings targets set in September (potentially breaking even on as much as $215 million in quarterly revenue, and turning at least pro forma profitable by year-end), CrowdStrike investors can have significantly more than "zero trust" in their company and its management today.